Corthanak needs a Buff


Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to film one run unboosted with corth, then film the next run boosted with corth, and the go back to the film and take pics of the damage numbers when the blast lands. They should be identical.


Corthanak is overpower, stop to complain :slight_smile:

sorry, I was a little rude.
I also believe it should be strengthened, maybe the Ghostfire Blast should heal 100% of its “base max HP” and create a white invincible shield.


No HP boost image 1

With HP boost only image 2

Yes they are the same, I still want an official answer from PG on this.

Edit: reason is I need to know before equipping pride rune or spending time and/or money crafting fire HP gear.


Thanks for the pics :+1:t3:


I didn’t take a 3rd pic with attack boost but based on previous experience it would seem that does increase the strength despite the spell being based on HP and not AP.


In both pictures you are 1 shooting the target, try a target where your spell does not 1 shot the towers.


Something is wrong with the numeric display. I just took this third screenshot with attack boost equipped and without the HP boost and it has the same value.

And last but not least here is both equipped

As I mentioned with both equipped versus none equipped after leveling up to the point where I could destroy 5 on an island with one hit, the boosted hit destroyed all and unboosted did not.


Dagger read my comment,


I saw your comment, it kinda goes along with what I said.

If I knew then what I know now I would have screen shotted every scenario earlier when unboosted didn’t destroy and boosted did, just like I just did, but you would not have seen any numerical differences… however we might have known which boost actually added to the damage.


Well the reason why there is no number difference at all might be because the number only shows the dmg you did as oppose to the dmg you could’ve done. If you are constantly one shotting in every scenario, there is no reason why the numbers will be different.


To have a test scenario that meets all of the testing acceptance criteria I would need to have a set of 5 towers which I can barely beat boosted. The invader base is perfect for testing this but I have moved way beyond that level now.


you can technically test it on a single tower darth, or have a friend set up 4 farms for you to test it on, can your corthanak 1 shot maxed farms?


Try it on AndyK or Ashzy (level 55 farms)

Edit: Evas has two level 60 farms also you can try.


This does not make me happy at all, 100% not as advertised.


HP boost only:

Attack boost:

So attack boost gives additional damage for a spell that is based on dragon max HP, I guess I will not be equipping rune of pride… SOB!!


That’s really wierd!

In any case, limiting spells to base HP only really nerfs them particularly as the damn towers we’re trying to kill can boost their HP with:

  1. Research
  2. HP boosts
  3. Riders

@PGJared @PGPulse @PGCoffee please can we revisit spells that use HP to use modified HP?


I just read up in this thread and yea you are right it wasn’t technically advertised as “base hp” But I don’t think there is any spell in the game that works off the dragons buffed HP. (I could be wrong). I also checked how they advertised spring renewal and it also didn’t mention anything about base HP, so I think is safe to assume that is a given that all spells work based off their un-buffed HP.

Also to be completely honest if this spell currently works off base HP, if they were to go and make it work with the actual max HP i think it would be overpower as hell.

Lets keep in mind the numbers work as intended, the easiest way to control the dmg of a dragon is to based it on a default stat that does not change. Making a spell that works off the buffed HP would need to take a lot more things into consideration like research/runes/boosts. If they truly wanted to buff the spell they would simply need to increase the % dmg rather than changing the number the % comes from.


Especially since if you slap any legendary armor on a rider, spells relying on base hp (instead of modified hp) would feel like throwing penuts at a wall instead of firing a cannon at it :joy:

Say goodbye to spells like heal mark… they won’t do diddly squat.


IHealing mark used to work on the max (modified) HP and they changed it this season to use base HP. But at least they changed the % from 10% max HP to 18% base HP, so this canceled out the “nerf” for most people.

This is the super expensive mythic sorcerer which we all paid for because it was advertised as using max HP. As I mentioned, I fully intended to use legendary rune of pride and to spend money to get epic and legendary HP modifying gear for the rider because he’s supposed to gain power when the max HP of the dragon increased.

It doesn’t even make sense to boost the damage at all when you boost attack power because it is a spell and not his attack.

I think this is a mistake, honestly. They must have nerfed him while changing healing mark to match the spring renewal in using base HP making all HP based spells modify against base, when this one was clearly supposed to be using max HP not his base HP.

@PGJared @PGCoffee @PGCrisis @PGEggToken this cannot be intentional, please tell us it is a mistake and that you did not nerf the most expensive mythic right out of the gate!!


My fear is as follows:

  • Defense riders are going to receive a significant buff with the upcoming atlas gear changes.
  • Corthanak isn’t going to profit from the gear buff and is going to struggle against equal lvl. bases with a defense rider because the rider/gear buffs don’t affect the 3 rage spell.

Continuing the discussion from Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates:

Is my assumption correct? Am I just getting a glorified gold miner in atlas? Or a 78K sigil seal clubber? @PGJared @pgEcho

This may be true for hunters. What about sorcerers? Their standard attacks do next to no damage.


Where did you get this from?
A dragon attack boost clearly boosts his spell damage as shown in the screenshots.
The same will happen when equipping rider gear with an ATK boost.

Hunter and sorc stats work the same. If you know that sorcs are shit, then why get one?

And who even pays the full price of 78k sigils for Corthanak? :man_facepalming:t3: