Corthanak needs a Buff


Overlooked the post mentioning the attack boost.:man_facepalming:
Still, 5003267 boosted vs 4763807 unboosted. That’s a 5% increase of damage for a 30% attack booster. That’s effectively 1/6 of the booster.

Let’s put Oksana with a legendary gear set on korthanak.

  • This would give corthanak a raw attack boost of 122% (92% rider and gear +30% attack booster).
  • For ghostfire that’s roughly a 20.33% boost (1/6 of 122%).

=> Ghostfire is boosted by 20.33% while the towers gains 80% hp buff from the rider gear

I’m just pointing out that, with the upcoming gear changes, corthanak is goin to perform worse than he did at the beginning of the season. That’s even without considering lvl. 65 towers.

The general issue:

  • Sorcerers heavily rely on their spell to do damage whereas hunter mostly rely on their ammo.
  • Looks like the whole gear buff is balanced around hunters(Beeing able to utilize the 80% gear buff fully).
  • The defense gear is supposed to counter the 80% attack boost. But sorcs can’t fully utilize the the full strength of the rider gear.

I’m just theorizing and juggling with numbers. Maybe someone with more practical experience can do a better breakdown.

As for the sigil cost, I agree. Corthanak is probably not worth the full 78k sigils.

So what’s PG’s intention? It’s still a fully fledged mystic that costs as much as the previous one.


That’s super weird attack boost is the one that made it jump in damage, like what spaghetti code is this?


they are good at that…


You‘re implying that ATK booosts for dragons work differently than HP boosts for towers, where did you get this from?
Towers won‘t get an 80% buff with maxed legendary gear on top of their modified HP, it will probably work the same way like dragons. The boosts are added seperately from research, base boosts etc.

Basically what the admins said is true: Gear buffs for dragons and towers cancel each other out.


Except the Gear buffs dont apply to spells (damage and amount healed). So the base comes out on top.


I thought making bases stronger versus dragons was something players wanted


I was more pointing out that this is not true…

Plus players want a proper balance between bases and dragons yes, but the recent tower buffs helped that quite a bit. If they properly balanced all towers (currently Trebs, Cannons, Archers and even LT are sub par) then yes bases would be harder and more in line with what the players want. If making bases harder was their goal they should have done this IMO. Actually I think they should have done that before the recent changes, but that’s a separate discussion.

These Rider gear buffs are something entirely different and i think are just another thing to spend money on. They dont fix a balance issue between bases and dragons. They are just a new machanic that says “buy this or else your base and dragons (things we spent lots of time/money on) will be junk”.


Can you post screenshots to support this claim?
I would be surprised if this is true.
Unless I‘m misunderstanding you.

I expect them to work like the ATK/HP boosts that were tested and screenshotted in this thread:
The added HP doesn‘t boost the damage spell that is relative to the base HP.
But adding an ATK boost does boost the damage of the spell.

So my expectation is: Equipping gear that boosts ATK will boost the spell aswell.


You want me to test every spell out there? HM and SR are two spells that for sure dont get buffed with a rider or its gear, Same thing with Chaos, Havoc and TF. If you want SS of those i posted some in the Aibrean discussion threat. GO is an example of a Red spell. Im not going to go test them all but it seems most spells are based on base HP, and thus wont be boosted with rider gear. I am not specifically talking about Corthanak here.


Sorry but you seem to take this a little off topic here.

I was talking about raw damage spells like Corthanak‘s white spell and I‘m certain that its damage will be buffed by rider gear.
That was the whole argument I was discussing with @IDragonI1 until you chimed in.

However, I totally agree with you if you‘re talking about healing spells and I have already voiced my concerns about those losing value with the massive gear buffs in another thread which was ignored by PG so far.

So to stay on topic: I think Corthanak is fine and his strength will grow with the tower stregth when gear buffs go live.


I hope corthanak and destar die instantly if the game detects that they don’t fly hunters at all in wars against equivalent tier towers. More about destar but since this is corthanak thread… also corthanak is a lot more defendable than destar with good layouts…


I think we can agree that ghostfire is buffed by attack modifiers, as proven by DarthDagger. Thanks for clearing this up.
I really hope that ghostfire is sufficiently buffed by rider equipments to offset the tower hp buff.

Urgh, maybe I shouldn’t bother with sorc mythics. But this is the closest I’ve ever come to obtaining a mythic. And I’m tired of always flying hunters.


True i was merely commenting on PG’s stance that the buffs will cancel each other, because in general they wont. But I’ll stay on topic i suppose… although it seems this topic has been discussed to death.


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