Corthanak needs a Buff


I didn’t read because I’m lazy, but guess what… neptus isn’t mythic, it’s a title error


I think we are getting off topic…


it is not? you say it yourself, apophet’s white death gaze cost 2 rages. It is the same as what i stated, white death gaze at 1 rage is hard to defend. I didnt say it is not fair. the mythic spell should worth more than legendary spell. but then how a mythic sorcerer get white death gaze at 2 rages and a hunter at 1 rage? because the mythic hunter spell isnt exactly white death gaze, it has a slightly different. the question is does this different is enough to balance the game?


Remember too that tidal surge has a cool down where dg etc don’t so I’d say that balances the scales… honestly I’ve only recently really started flying my hunters regularly I find that incessant tapping to be pretty annoying especially when nothing happens :roll_eyes:


Death gaze is not a one shot kill. As we learned when Lv 60 farms were first introduced a month or 2 ago.


It pretty much is. Only ember couldn’t one shot the Mega 60 farms. All others could.


buff the spell from 15% to 20%, thats all.


You should keep at it :joy:. Our last war you guys had a hard time because everyone was flying a sorc or warrior!


Aquileas and austeros has a spell which can destroy 5 towers.
Rhyo, with nova, can kill 5 towers.

Not using them anymore so i don’t know if my assessment is still correct against lvl 60 towers.
But at the time they were released they killed the highest towers.
And they are lineage dragons not the pimp my ride divine mythic dragons.

Problem with corthanak is that his super spell can’t do it, and it would be nice if he could do it.
He is already struggling with lvl 60 towers, when lvl 65 will be released in few weeks/months, he will be even more useless.

If the whole community is against my request, fine, i’ll stop but i do think we could have a fat sorcerer able to lead or clean a war run.


Yes that’s it


Lol we got there in the end tho… but yeah we went to necryx a lot against teams with really big bases my neptus was playing catch up


I haven’t got him yet but I’ll be starting on him soon but I tend to agree that having the mythic should MEAN something no matter their type


Don’t worry we got the same problem. I’ve finally whipped some sense into them though and many are learning their hunters now :joy:


emh, anyway notice that the spell is WHITE ?? anyway, for me just buff the dmg from 15% to 20%, thats all.


Most of us just started this past summer hunters never seemed as much fun when we first started but we learn as we grow… prib didn’t help that it was kinnarus season which made sorcerers the bomb in our eyes


White spells are inherently weaker, it compensates for the fact that those extremely high percent damage spells are easily stopped by a red mage


But if one single hammer canceled the spell… white or not…


Storm tower + active defense will kill him pretty quickly. Not to mention lvl 65 towers, which he was supposed to be fighting against, isn’t even out yet. Hammer and high level storm tower is all you can do to stop him. Quite effective as well.

If you wanna say he’s OP, he’s not. He’s not too bad either. Depends. Just gonna die faster with lvl 65s.

Another reference would be, if he’s Destar type of drag, you’d be expecting multiple threads saying this is a mindless dragon for pay to win.


Their skills aren‘t white. Also their skills didn‘t freeze all projectiles including mage supershots.

They were never OP or strong leads against defended bases when they were the top tier.

Maybe someday when PG gets real desperate of making a good sorc, they will make a dumb white AoE deathgaze skill and even then it might end up costing 5 rage with a cooldown of 30sec… :man_facepalming:t3:


I would like this :rofl:.