Corthanak needs a Buff


haha that goes to the same when I got Merkt last time, which PG never entertain my request to buff this dragon.
According to the forum it is some sort of gambling here when you select that dragon and no turning back just like recently I selected the Oksana rider where I accidently choose the wrong box so no turning back again.
for those whose Corthanak, good luck this time and try another mystic next time and no changing of spell please that not fair to other player that MERKT as well or nightshade.


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Can we have a feedback please?
Why a mythic divine dragon designed to destroy lvl 65 towers Struggle to destroy lvl 60 if defended?
We already know from player having him maxxed that it is not an OP dragon after only 3 weeks of spring season.
Is it what you want to sell to us?
Yes we can go for the rider then, it’s not a choice…
Please do something.


Ok dont get me wrong i don’t disagree with the idea that each seasons mythics should be good, especially since PG said Harbringer Mythics are designed for towers that arn’t even out yet. But why would anyone have expected Corthanak to be good? reading his description he sounded like garbage, why are people now surprised that it is in fact a garbage dragon? This is just Merk all over again. Except this time it was even more obvious this dragons spells sucked. What am i missing?


Well as u said, designed to do great thing.
And i know, as you, what we can expect from PG, as always…
But i disagree, he has one spell which can make him interesting, but currently, spell isn’t strong enough.
Just trying to make him better.


Ya i dont disagree. I thought those spells looked under powered when they announced him and i fully agree his spells could use a buff. Some people just seemed surprised that he sucks, and i dont get why. At least with Carthanak we got what was expected… unlike Aibrean lol


Should be able to kill lvl 65, not sure it is what we expected.
Aibrean, yeah agree, but, was the 50% dragon and if all runes finally work (soon), could be correct.
Necryx was the exception within all 50% dragons IMO. But let’s try to get a feedback, would be a first step.


What? 50% dragon doesn’t mean anything in terms of its strength. And his runes do work. only Chaos runes dont, which not that many people have anyways… although i’ll admit i do…

But my point was that the spells work as described, as least from what i can tell they do. And from their description they never seemed like anything special. Should be no real surprise that Corthanak sucks. But i agree he shouldn’t suck being the mythic and i totally support the idea of its spell being buffed even though i have no intention of getting it.


Morphos not getting the next tier stone and having noctua released soon after, that was not nice… to remain polite.
Merkt and Morphos, it is history now, Corth is the present, if nothing is done now, even if something is done in few months… no one would care, will be too late, he will be benched or sitting on a perch or never bought.


Morphos didn’t come right before obsidian dropped… he was additionally jumped to emerald, merkt was out when obsidian dropped… That’s always been the cycle though


i agree, just hope a fix will be provided soon for this spell :wink:


This is really disappointing…I’d heard good things about corth now it seems I should just wait 3 weeks :pensive::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pensive::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


As far as sorcerers go it’s not a bad dragon.

The fact that it was ever used successfully on any maxed base with defenders is something. Sure it’s probably not appropriately scaled to level 65 towers.

Of corse we also keep over simplifying things. A maxed base without an atlas rider buffing it is much different than one with one or more. Some bases undefended without totems I can march through without trying. Others I have to tap 5+ times on (neptus)

Currently Rhyo is used in a ton of War runs at last in Sapphire. I can see Corth doing better in virtually all situations where Rhyo was previously used.

It probably is underpowered for a mythic. They did adjust moonfang as you will recall.

I don’t think it’s realistic to expect warriors or sorcerers to be balanced with hunters in one season. What I do expect/hope is to see measurable improvements season to season. Corth seems to be that. (Mine is nowhere near maxed yet, so I can’t say personally)


At least that gives me some hope, while I’m trying to become better w hunters (necryx and neptus at least) I don’t like or think it’s fair that we essentially be limited to one type of dragon if we want to be successful at higher levels … otherwise why even present them as season dragons especially as mythic which are supposed to be the ultimate


They make good perch dragons…


You want an “I win” dragon? Go play candy crush.

My base when it was level 130something killed a Noctua. Shiite flyer but nonetheless. There should be no such thing as a unkillable dragon. See the complaints when Destar was killing everything? It ruins the game. Fly better.


I don’t want an I win dragon but neither do I think it should be war (hunters) dragons I think each type we’re essentially sold should be relevant in some way at every level I don’t think that’s asking for an I win dragon


Agree sorcs and warriors need redesign. That should be from the ground up, not just boosting power or changing spells or some such tweak.


Thing is Warriors and Sorcs by design need very little skill. It kinda makes sense that at higher tiers Hunters dominate


I got Corthanak, thinking he is a joke, a bad dream, a nightmare that I will leave behind with a new bright day. At level 12, at the moment, he usually dies in each battle I run with him. With a power of 4.9 more or less, he is not as brave and efective as Nollaig with 1.9 power.
I hope Corthanak will change this bad appreciation when he reach much level, otherwise it will be my first mytic gained and my first regret of having made such a wasted effort.


I’d say that not everyone knows how to fly a sorcerer and use him at full potential. But Fae, Phasmos, Apophet were real great weapons in the hands of a sorcerer rider. And as I see it, Cotharnak is better than Fae and Phasmos.