Corthanak needs a Buff


lol does it even have all skills unlocked at lvl12?


Mythics unlock all their spells at level 1


Well sorcerers are my favorites, but maybe I don’t know to fly them and maybe my view and opinion is not reasonable. What a poor conclusion you find about it in such passive agressive way, make me think you have a very poor response and unprofitable, thinking that sorcerers are hard to fly, really? this is my conclusion.


Well, now is in level 13, all the spells are unlocked and I put on him a temporal rider…it seems he is the same as before, nothing remarkable has changed him. I am working him very hard, flight after flight, the more level he gets, the more high level bases he attacks…my opinion still the same, I did a mistake spending on him.


You are correct


Was just gonna write this


Regret spending for him. will never spend for one again


Never ending story.

When a sorcerer has potential he will be nerfed.

Last really good pay-sorcerer vs defended bases was phasmos.

Fae was good undefended or vs shit bases like kinnarus.
Cotharnak had IMMENSE potential but was nerfed from the start. This thing won’t survive the first defended perch island when 65s are out.

@ToNyRen you wasted a flight ticket and an epic night in the P1 :man_facepalming:t2:


Oh yes, for the eyes that haven’t seen me flying.
How bold is ignorance!


You all are so funny, make me smile and think you all are clairvoyant and legendary wises men, always with reason at his side, so illuminated giving that kind of fantastic wildlife.
Please, don’t take this seriously, it’s better to laugh of yourself, it’s healthy
Long life to Corthanak, a mythic dragon that is never touched and never dies. So I wish


What Lineage are you even in? Some dragons don’t come alive till you have their runes equipped & the dragon is leveled higher level. Obviously I won’t take a level 132 opinion seriously. Grow first, then state something when it’s maxed out if it’s worth it or not. But wait by then 2 more seasons will pass by… enjoy your investment :pray:t3:


Basically what I’m saying is you’re JUDGING it before it’s at its MAX state.


I hope it will be as you said, truly.


Thanks. If I was Corthanak, I would say the same to you.

You do understand the implications of his ghost fire blast is based on HP and sorcerers do not have the burst damage right?


Lol wait for me WarLord, I’m not getting next season warrior mythic :see_no_evil:


@ToNyRen - He compares a sorcerer with a warrior at low levels - not even full gold. That should say it all, IMHO.


Only lineage mythic dragons have all spells at lvl1.

Divine mythic dragons don‘t have the mythic status when you hatch them and unlock their spells one after the other as they grow from orange tier into higher tiers.


Interesting I never knew that


See Merkt…


P1 in munich? :smiley: