Corthanak needs a Buff


Vu l’absence de réponse, si tu savais comment je m’en cogne. Fatigué de faire des efforts à devoir écrire dans une autre langue et vu qu’ils s’en foutent, moi aussi. Ce dragon restera inutile et basta, je lache l’affaire, cela ne sert à rien.


Given the lack of response, if you knew how I bump into it. Tired of making efforts to write in another language and because they do not care, me too. This dragon will remain useless and basta, I loose the case, it is useless.


You made a decision to get a useless dragon then you complain about the dragon being useless… That’s like breeding Iteru then complaining how bad the dragon is… I can’t believe this thread is still going lol…


I can’t believe PG’s ability to design such awful dragons… But ya people should have seen this one coming at least.

I use to wonder why each tier only has 2 maybe 3 useful dragons… But have a look at Neptus and it will explain it… They give us so few useful dragons so players specifically build bases to fight them (recently, ICE and Dark Flaks, where it use to be Lightning and before that Trebs (typically the newest towers)). THEN the following tier they give us a dragon that will purposely be good against this new base design (Hello Neptus) and everyone needs to spend to change their bases (I need fire and ice Flaks now!!). As much as people (including myself) complain about PG and how idiotic some of their changes are. They sure do know how to make the whales spend.


Thats a topic for another thread… I don’t understand people making a decision while having all the information and then complaining about it instead of learning from their mistake… Entitled…

@MikesGoN2GetU i’ve never built LT and Trebs before and I’ve been playing for year and a half now. You must be in the game longer then me. As far as base adjustments… I haven’t had any issues with any tier so far where I had to build whole new towers etc. I am building a Fire Flak now not because my base doesn’t work but because it will just help and I’m close to maxing out my 5 focus towers.


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Ya Trebs were short lived when they first came out like 2.5 years ago… At first they were SOOO handy to have. LT started to loose their usefulness just over a year ago when NS started to rule the game for a while. They still have their uses i suppose but they are so easily resisted… Add Noc and Nec with LT resist and well LT havn’t been a great tower for a while.


For the record, i did not.


If it makes you feel better, English isn‘t my first language either :wink:


Who made it? The person you bought the account off of? I mean that’s the only other option right?



Better than mine and mine is.


I can‘t understand the complaints, it has always been the pattern, a good season mythic and afterwards some meh-ones, so get the good one and save money, rubies, chests… on the other seasons. But hey - therefore you need to distinguish the good from the meh-ones and not just buy every dragon and complain afterwards that it is as sh… as advertised. :yum:


Thanks for the info, so hard to know which dragon to go for, and this kind of post helps!


I wholeheartedly concur that a top tier dragon that 95% of people will have to spend money to acquire is such a monumental let down. This dragon is making me reconsider spending on this game. Whats the purpose of getting the flagship dragon when it is underpowered and its skill set is weak and rage cost is way to high for what damage it does.


Corthanak is awesome!


Welcome to the world of investments, where research is the difference between those that create these threads and those that know what they are buying. :sunglasses:


I guess what I’m trying to say is that top tier digital game dragon is not an investment that should be scrutinized and guessed at. Its not like hoping bitcoin goes up and leveraging risk. If I buy, say, a expansion pack to a digital game that has characters not accessible to regular game. Should I purchase that I know I will get a character that is extra special and makes the game easier or unlocks special features. With corthanak you do not get that. It shouldn’t be hard to grasp that you pay more or work harder you get better rewarded. Not so with this game. Maybe I’m not entrenched enough in this nonsensical method.


You must not play many mobile games which have you collect an army of characters. You don’t get a perfect character just from spending thousands, most of the time there is a design mechanic or hard counter to balance them. Otherwise, no one will buy the next set because they have the perfect one already.

Sorcerers have always been vulnerable to repair hammers because they usually focus on AOE, if people bought Corthanak and thought it would overcome that… I don’t know why people are surprised, lol.


I do understand there is game mechanics and corthanak may not be suitable for attacking all bases. But again it is a top tier dragon. It should take a top tier base designed against sorcerers to protect against it. Not just any old defender with a hammer. That is not streamlined game mechanics. That is a underpowered dragon with sloppy game mechanics.
Equestor was headed in the right direction of sorcerers and in fact I would trade corthanaks entire tree for a equestor harbinger upgrade of equestor if they made that available.


You’ve over focused on tier, when the tier is only valuable for the increased stats. Sapphire used to be top tier, it didn’t mean Nightshade could crush any base with a level 25 defender and a few hammers. Sorcerers have always been a mixed bag of good dragons and terrible dragons, they are like Targaryens. Once the dragon is out they usually don’t touch them again. The divine season for Kinnarus was an interesting exception.