Corthanak needs a Buff


When I say top tier I’m referring to its mythic class. I’m saying top shelf. That’s my fault for using a term that can be easily confused with actual tier. Top of the line dragon is what I should be saying. Equestor is a perfect example of a well designed sorcerer that can carry me for awhile. He plays well into game mechanics and isn’t OP but provides a better gaming experience. And he is legendary. A mythic sorcerer should be better. Level to level, corthanak is worse than equestor. It doesn’t make sense. That’s why I’m agreeing with OP that corthanak needs a buff.


I don’t have either, so I can’t comment on the comparison. Legendary and Mythic just refer to their base stats. The abilities are what determine their value, it doesn’t matter if they are the same tier or not. And since it is already Mythic, they can’t buff the stats. War Dragons doesn’t have a tier above Mythic, currently. That’s what happened to Kinnarus, they upgraded it from Legendary to Mythic. The only thing they could do now is tweak it’s abilities, which could result in them breaking them or their runes…


I understand that. But regardless mythic is better than legendary and should play as such. As far as the buff goes, there is adjustments with the skills that would help. Neither the OP nor I are asking for a redesign. I concur with OP that the damage of the main spell be based off of adjusted hp instead of base hp. I also agree with OP that a main spell that does 15% damage based off of base hp is far, far too low for a mythic, top of line dragon that is unlocked by two other dragons. A buff on that is a good place to start. Then to add insult to this dragon it costs 3 rage bars to cast such a pathetic spell. I could go on but even just buffing that spell would make it a dragon worthy of mythic status.
Yes some, like you, can make the point that this is know upfront. And that is a true statement. However it still doesn’t justify PG releasing such a weak dragon in a top spot. Really it just needs a buff.


I will be honest I haven’t really looked at Corthanak properly because I don’t like flying sorcerors and the chances of me getting enough sigils are slim to none. That being said, this isn’t the first Mythic divine to disappoint people and probably won’t be the last. All Mythic means is better base stats and unlocking of spells early, this alone makes them ‘better’ than the legendary etc of that tier, but it doesn’t make them an awesome dragon. I haven’t seen anyone fly him, but may go take a look to see why some people feel he needs a buff.

Really I’m only here because you said about the 3 rage spell, you have to remember that spell is white and has no cooldown, the high rage cost is to balance those two other things. If they (hypothetically) reduced the rage cost and buffed the damage like you want, what would you have them do to balance him?


I personally believe either buff the damage percentage or reduce the rage cost. Maybe not both. If either was done then that would be the balanced.
Neptus can do 15% damage to 3 buildings with one rage. Thats after massive basic attack damage. Corthanak need three rage for the same spell damage and can potentially hit 2 extra buildings. Meanwhile his basic damage is poor.
To your statement of mythic not meaning an awesome dragon, then I would ask you why they lock them behind other dragons?
In all other games be it digital games, card games, board games, etc., a tier higher means a better unit(in this case dragons)


It’s a sorc…kinda says it all.


Where are brittles/skigette when you really need them?


Hence the request from pg for a quick fix and needed fix. Instead of just ignoring a third of dragons, now would be a great time to easily boost.


I can’t speak for the OP. However I would like to try to open a dialog with PG about these glaring obvious issues. Instead of a game where one just waits till the next season to have a mythic hunter, how about adjusting a top tier sorcerer to be competitive. Neptus’ spell which is basically a little extra damage on top of cloak is corthanak’s main spell. This is not okay. Neptus is only one rage cost. Neptus has a better spell than a sorcerer. I really hope PG addresses this.


Slight difference there. Neptus’ ability is a cloak that can be blocked by blue mages.

Corthanak’s spell is a white spell that not just does the damage but also stuns towers. It may very well need a buff but let’s not compare explosive shield and northern lights without mentioning all the differences.

And honestly with his kit it’s hard to balance. Too much damage and he will 1 shot not matter what. And besides he is built to spam that ability. Not tap it once and win. It’s why he has sacrifice.


I see the he contrary points that a buff could be tough… so make his sacrifice or shield better? Make his sacrifice boost attack dmg or something


Yeah I agree it should not be too much damage. However 2 rage cost and 20-30%damage I feel like would still not be OP. I cannot stress how horrible 15%damage on three rage cost is. White or not. It doesn’t matter if he can spam it. If his main damage infliction can’t beat a hammer then it’s useless. If this was Chuck we were talking about I would say “yeah, ok, good joke” But this is a top of the line dragon that people work insanely hard to get or pay for. It should be great now and relevant for a few seasons. In corthanaks current state he is mediocre on undefended bases and trash for defended bases. Maybe good as a perch dragon? :thinking:


2 rage white stun? That can essentially be triple cast at will with the potential for a quad cast?? With buffed damage? Being perfectly honest thats overkill big time. A damage boost sure but rage isn’t where this needs to be hit. If it was 2 rage he could nearly chain cc an island until he passed over it with no counterplay


Sorry but its 3 sec stun only. And you can expect to fire 2 time( most can only 1) before the tower reactivate and kill you :joy:
Besides, the skill fly slow af to the target, like you fire a Freeze spell. If it can fly fast as fireball or sand, I wouldn’t complain


Yes thank you for pointing this out. Still hoping PG looks into this a little closer. Very, Very disappointing


You are incorrect. As it is now, it can be triple cast if done well. Not every time as it’s situational but still it can be done. Twice is childs play.

Spawn in, precast the spell, either sacrifice or let rage regenerate naturally. You now have the rage to cast it twice. Fire off the spells and sacrifice and you have 3 shots. Natural regen with sacrifice makes this possible at times.

I’m not saying you can’t buff it. But you shouldn’t reduce rage cost because that’s too much cc.

With natural regen if the spell became 2 rage that’s 9 seconds defenders have inactive towers. If you include the use of sacrifice you can get two more uses in that time making it 15 seconds.

Hell maybe projectile speed is something to look at as well. Maybe it’s damage. But it isn’t rage. Not without reworking the spell


No I don’t mean you cast spell twice, i mean the stun duration inwhich you can do normal shot before tower re-shot again


You mean normal dragon attacks or tower ones? I’m not sure I get where your going?


I get the feeling he is saying during stun you get off one or two weak basic attacks then your dead


Which is why a sorcerers spells are critical. And 15% base hp damage plus 3 rage bars is laughable.