Corthanak needs a Buff


With the veteran rider i would be willing to bet corthanak is overpowered and everyone with both will be unstoppable and this thread will change to nerfs needed for corthanak. Thus pgs masterplan is revealed. Make it just a bit too weak alone but when spending is kicked into high gear and their powers combine they become captain planet.


The veteran rider will boost whatever it is put on, not corthanak specific. Corthanaks main spell is based off base hp so even if the veteran rider boosted hp20%, corthanak still needs a buff.


Corthanak is awesome as it is now :wink:


For reference, if you don’t mind replying, what lvl are you, what lvl is your corthanak, and what is average lvl you attack with corthanak?


You may want to ask his IQ too…may be simpler for him.


Notice the wink?



I may say that Corthanak is not that bad as many here think of him. Can he be better, of course he can !

The attacker shot three times the white spell, if he could aim better with the third, he might have survived enough to engage the shield.


Thank you for sharing this video. Without knowing corthanak level and runes it’s hard to judge this attack


How’s this one?




Dang that messes with me eyes, ya killin me :smiley:


So here are a few runs with him, Video shows level, Rider and Runes. ( Dont Judge Me :smiley: - Just the Dragon ) It seems when you do fire off Ghostfire a 2nd or 3rd time does not really help much if shield has been activated on strom or ice. Just what im seeing while flying him. Then your health is so low from using sacrifice does not take much of a hit to make him back flip.


That base is now towers all islands. No time to build rage… So a one off good luck. I’d like to see that now with all towers.


@MareZ In YouTube the video is 1080p. I have no idea why it is 360p here. But you are a smart guy and know what to do.


Corthanak in the video I posted is a Sapphire level. As for the runes, you can guess really easy. And yeah, it’s boosted.


Which base i hit a few


I was referring to the Tony Ren video. When I said I’d like to see all towers on all islands its referring to video in flaknicehole post.


As the title says, it’s an Expert Corthanak that ToNyRen features in his video.


its xOdinsNemesisx video.

I have the video you would like to see, if you think that run was because of a rage building ice flak. Not my problem that one of the defended attacks had a rage gain tower. Would you like to see a undefended longer base instead? He may not be the most skill required dragon to fly, but youre welcomed to defend against him. Chewbacca has one with all legendary gears, its even crazier.


So what is your opinion having used a high level corthanak. Buff or leave alone? I like all opinions for a discussion. Whether PG staff want to participate or not.