Corthanak vs Fomhar

Guys I do not know what to do here. I am lvl 292 have bred pyrochis will breed stormheim
I can do either get Corthanak and spend 50k sigils on Nollaig and Corthanak, or go for a New hunter Fomhar or what his name is and Oksana gear which is 49,5 k sigils

I would go for Corthanak as hes the mythic. If you want Fubar, you can just start accumulating sigils after getting Corth and open super sigil chests at the end of season shall you wish to push for fubar. With new atlas gear buffs, Oksana gears are not worth the sigils anymore.


I would read the thread about corthanak needing a buff. Some are unhappy. Many balance issues make it so if defenders hammers come down, corthanak dies quick. Undefended bases he is OK though.
It is true however that Oksana gear is soon to be junk. If you have atlas or will get it soon then just get the same gear for cheap or free there in atlas land

Is there a particular reason why you are calling the new hunter by the FUBAR acronym?

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The Gears that I had previously forged, they did not receive any buffs. The values are the same as before. It’s normal?

Lol! Didn’t realize it had a definition of being damaged or out of order :rofl:
But when he came to the GPF for testing, he actually was pretty fubar, and fubar was easier to say than Fomhar, so it kinda stuck.

Well, I’m glad he’s better now than when he was being tested lol. But having the term “FUBAR” attached to him made me leery of going after him :laughing: I’m still debating on whether to try for a dragon or just go after Oksana’s second page (more for the goodies than the armor). I was wanting to build up some rss to do better next season, and I’ve been having a hard time building up rubies for super sigil chests… something about speeding up egg token missions to keep chugging through the garnet wall seemed more appealing :slight_smile:

Edit: I guess I’ll just wait until the second to last or last week of the season to spend my sigils and make my choice then :laughing: since I’m trying to avoid opening any more gold chests this season, waiting isn’t going to make any difference lol. Only thing that might help me is the egg tokens in the various lines, but I guess that’s what grinding is for lol.

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Thanks @Lutrus for explaining.

And Liz, next season is mythic warrior… you sure you wanna do good next season :eyes: ?


The atlas buffs are coming in the next few weeks as Echo mentioned, not yet live in game. But it’s coming :man_facepalming:t2:

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I don’t necessarily care about next season’s mythic, but being able to finish a dragon line (plus the first page of any riders, and the egg token boost) without resorting to spending rubies would be nice :sweat_smile:


Do you have atlas?

What does FUBAR mean anyway?

That’s my goal too :smile:


No. No Atlas here. I could probably find a team really easily that had it, but I’m not shopping for a new team. (If I were, I already have several people who would love to poach me lol). It might be a while before my team gets Atlas, considering we’re currently down in Plat 4.

What’s the acronym?

FUBAR = (Vulgar swear word) up beyond all repair.


F’d Up Beyond All Recognition


:joy: :joy: :ok_hand: :joy:

Ok, I guess seasonal armors will still have value for you for a while. Fubar is quite good tbh, better than I would make him as a regular line legendary divine hunter.