Cosmic Orrery Changes coming next week

Hello everyone,

Quick update for everyone on the Cosmic Orrery. There’s been a lot of concern in the community regarding balancing and I want to lay out our planned changes and reasoning before Fort and CO Branch rollout next week.


-6% unmodified HP
CO is slightly overtuned with HP. While we want the tower to be viable in a meta where Earth Flak + Research + Runes already exist, we don’t want to completely nullify players’ investment in EF. By reducing unmodified HP slightly, we’ll ensure that a maxed EF base is still a viable option.

Projectile Speed -30%
CO attacks quickly and its pojectiles move really fast making it hard to react with a well timed spell. By reducing projectile speed, it’ll give flyers a few extra milliseconds to get a spell off. We are not changing Attack Speed, so DPS and rate of fire remains the same, but the rate at whichthe projectile gets from the tower to the dragon has been slowed down.

Rage Freeze effect Removed
Rage Freeze was a late addition to the tower that was not part of the original vision. We did so because we thought the tower would be too weak…we were wrong! By removing Rage Freeze we hope to increase the amount of counterplay possible against the tower and ensure Rage Freeze as an effect stays on towers where it makes sense.

Limited Time Transformation Bonus
We understand everyone has spent a lot of resources to get their Cosmic Orrery to a competitive level. We think the tower will still be a powerhouse, especially next week when a players will gain access to a second fully leveled CO, but we understand not all players will be happy with these changes. As a result, we will be adding the ability to transform out of your CO into any other tower at a bonus rate for a limited time.

While this news will certainly not please everyone, it’s important for us to iterate on towers after release in order for us to develop new, interesting content in the future. We will continue to monitor metagame balancing around CO after these changes and appreciate all the player feedback around this.

Since we’re at the end of the day here on friday, we won’t be responding to any questions right away until monday. but please note we’ll be keeping an eye on all feedback and responding to your questions next week.

Official Discussion Thread here: Cosmic Orrery Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Thank you everyone!