Cosmic Orrery Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Official place to discuss new changes to Cosmic Orrery

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I think everyone wanted this tower to be 3 per base like howi. Reduced hp is good and speed reduction good. But I don’t know y they removed the rage freeze. Which is the best ability of this tower.



So just to be clear
Week 7 (Fort): Orrery tower line comes out, orrery is transformable into another tower but not the other way around

Week 8 (pvp): Electrum/howitzer line comes out with the electrum bars needed to level an orrery

Is that correct or has the Orrery and electrum line been combined?

Change wise Im glad the rage freeze is gone and HP is reduced a bit but I think it should have been limited to 1 per perch zone. You still deal with the issue of 2 on a long island dragging you past while shielding towers


Honestly this seems a fair change. This tower did too much. It had too much stuff. Shields, health buffs, tankiest tower in the game, forced speedups (through most defences), rage freeze, whilst also being relentless.

It needed some stuff tuned or removed to be fair. It still has its niche now and doesn’t make multiple towers worth less than they were before, and it steps on less towers toes directly


It’s a tower that makes players actually study a base and map out how to approach.
It’s kinda shocking how often PG scales back after people have invested and a few squawk.

I’ve come to not trust dragons I get as they so often change after the fact - seems towers aren’t completely trustworthy either.


This change is entirely unnecessary. The tower is not overpowered and it very easy to work around. Even then these nerds listed are far too extreme. This tower actually made flying more fun and a challenge.

A tower change aimed to coddle the people who don’t take the time to learn how to properly fly :man_facepalming:


Thank God I didn’t get it. It’s basically useless now. Nerfing the projectile speed wasn’t necessary I was still able to duck them even if they were at the front of the base and my reaction speed is pretty average.


For any of you that hoping this tower to get nerfed… shame on you! learn how to fly instead of just asking easy things… noobs :joy:


Guys let’s face it, the Oreo was better than any other tower that has been introduced.
They gave us a heads up before it was slightly changed.
They give us a chance to change it if we want to.
It is still strong. You can still build 147 if you want.


I think this is a good start! Excited to see how it performs.

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This is really disappointing after all of the damn tower increases. I was finally going to be able to prioritize this thing next week after spending too many timers struggling to get it to be viable over the past couple forts…and now it’s getting a nerf? Grrrrrreat. What’s the point? :disappointed:


*Ballistas have entered the chat and would like a word, Trebuchets are waiting outside the door…*


Whyyyyy this was fine… not unbeatable … leave it alone


Quit crying. You admit it was OP and complain it has a small nerf
It is still gonna be good


As much as I’ve been a critic of many of PG’s decisions lately, these are positive changes, on the whole. Perhaps the biggest issue with the orrery - even above and beyond any complaints about how it devalued a wide range of dragons, even entire dragon classes - was that it was a straight-up better earth flak. It easily outcompeted earth flaks, in spite of exotic earth flak runes/glyphs, and earth flak research.

The orrery will still be the favored weapon of…basically everyone. It just won’t be quite as dominant as it was before.


You sound like you needed this nerf.
PG makes the impossible to take the fun away of this game.


The changes are overall pretty good, not touching the main effects, but making the tower to be able to play against. It can be too quick to comment, wee need to see these changes in action, but these changes will make the 2x Orrery phenomena significantly nerfed either. Bonus transformation is a good idea, but i don’t think somebody will touch it since, the tower still in a good condition for the back of the long island :handshake:


I must express my disappointment about this reduction in HP , removal of rage freeze etc. The whole reason many of us bought it was because of its power after finding out from others . I think it’s ridiculous to scale back because people that struggle to kill bases complained. PG has been a disappointment after disappointment as of late .


Yeah. I was against any change to the CO and I think this is fine.


Thy Cosmic Orrery is now as significant as a nats fart on a Sunday afternoon, ney thrice maxed ballistas put more fear into my nethers.

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