Cosmic Orrery Changes

Why does the cosmic orrery not use cosmic charges for lev 131. Spending a lot of sigils to get these and now they are not used every 10 levels. Please fix this as players would have planned on using these this fort and not have enough electrum bars as will collect next season in tower line. @DragonPunch


That would be very welcome… why complain about this? Just build another one :rofl:


This is a welcome change


Where’s my facepalm gif :eyes:

I have 99 Cosmic and no Bars… I’ll wait a couple days… who knows lol

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Have all the branches given us enough to max 8?

Good news, Electrum is obtainable through Platinum chests, in case you need more. Also, Embers should give closer value than Turret Shards for this kind of upgrades.

p.s. I’m sitting with decent amount of Charges, lacks Electrum for another one, and still happy with this change.

Are you seriously asking for them to increase orrery price? :joy:

I was planning to use turrets to skip the cosmic level anyway so I just used them to skip the electrum level instead. The world keeps on spinning, use that merge feature

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