Cost of a "competitive" account

Posting this in off topic because there’s not really a “perfect” spot for it to go.

So, as far back as I can remember, some accounts have been shared between some teammates. Harv being the most notable example. I’m sure others exist but I am choosing to use a name that no longer exists( yes…100% there are “max bases” that aren’t owned by the original owner… … shocking right? :roll_eyes:).

So my question is … how much does it actually cost to get to end game…last time I looked, a 30b + base was around 1k dollars (US). That figure is way less than I have spent on my account so if pg isn’t going to ban people then why not just jump to the top?

I could happily name some of the accounts that have been sold throughout my time playing that have spent 100k plus yet pg refuses to do do anything about them regardless of the fact that they don’t actually run the account anymore and don’t spend the money they used to.


Must be one of those subjects that you should just ignore and forget it happens :thinking:

This was my attempt at the costs a while back: WD: Checking into hospice. The long slow sleep

The player mentioned quit a few months ago in sheer exasperation at never getting to play with the bigs in Atlas and is playing CoC again.


I’m comparing that cost to just buying an account (which is apparently common place now). And yet, it’s against the TOS of the game but it gets ignored when an account has spent a ridiculous amount in the past.

You know, those accounts that use to scare you when they hit you. Flying hunters, effortlessly clearing your base single defended but now fly gig, and can’t get 15% undefended

Accounts get sold?

I thought someone had proven that every active account is still owned by the original player! Interesting.

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this game isn’t a mainstream, one of those super popular ones.

meaning there is minimal demand for accounts hence very little supply of them.

but there have been some as i remember myself reporting a few ~2 yrs back as those sellers stupidly mentioned the name of the acc. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

oh and, btw…

who’s this someone?

unless pg’s provided the records, none of us can officially prove it. -and we can’t officially prove the opposite either.

That was /s.
And was referring to this:

so nobody proved anything unlike how you put it.

and you never proved your claim either.

conclusion: we don’t faq’ing know. :man_facepalming:t2:

Same as for another Threat, as long the venue isnt affected why should they bother about things :man_shrugging:

Pretend shock is my favorite :joy:

Sarcasm iz ur fren

To be clear: they are not saying anyone actually proved anything.

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Why would someone pay for a game that rarely works and is mired in politics with a stale map?

Too what end? Join an elite team with Discord chat and conquer umm, what T5s they already have? Beat a big world boss? War a tough team that requires waves, base assignments, and backup?

I don’t get it. There isn’t anything to actually do other than wait monthly for lineage dragons that are not usable and add levels to existing towers every 30 days. Hang out every season to see if the Mythic is worth while? Who waits 90 days for one toy if you have mega bucks to spend on stuff?

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