Cost of a Dragon

I’ve been planning my season, and am a bit short on egg tokens to meet my goals. I don’t mind spending some money on games when necessary, so I check to see how much the next dragon on my breeding path (Zahhak) would cost.

This is what the game offers when wanting more egg tokens:

From that, egg tokens are valued at 4 rubies per egg token. Zahhak, the next dragon on my breeding path, costs 365,500 tokens (after discounts) according to Neon WD.

I can purchase the 365,500 tokens for my shiny new dragon for 1,462,000 rubies. The largest ruby pack with 20,000 rubies is valued at $99.99 USD.

Dividing 1,462,000 rubies by 20,000 is 73.1 packs I would need to buy,

or $7,309.27 USD. One tier for $29,237 USD.

Zahhak or spending the summer in Europe is a tough choice. I’m aware there’s more cost efficient ways to get a shiny new dragon, but this is the way that’s advertised by the game.


It’s absolutely insane especially when most aren’t useful and if they are, they will only be for a few months


better to spend rubies on draconic chest for tokens than buying them directly from rubies to token trade.
Also there are some better deals that provides 125k tokens, 125 frags which can be traded for tokens


Look for redemptions that provide good value on egg tokens for sigils.

Don’t spend any penny period


I believe the whole point of this post isn’t to find better ways to get a dragon or better ways to spend rubies. I believe it is to highlight the fact that inflation has killed the value of every single pack offered in game. 1 dragon being valued at over $7k is so ridiculous it sounds like a bad joke. Unfortunately it’s not a joke. PG should really look at the packs and revalue packs or cut costs from the inflated prices in the game.

No, being end tier or almost end tier shouldn’t be easy or cheap, however 1 tier of dragons in the game should not be worth a brand new car in real life.


:roll_eyes: If we’re talking about high end cost, think you forgot the ruby multiple breed :see_no_evil:


Couldn’t agree more cost of packs are insane…

Was trying to do the math for a mythic and gave up after the £1000 mark

Are people really spending this amount in game???

Only reason i can think they are keeping the prices is people are still buying them… :upside_down_face:

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Would anyone get a mythic with just packs? That would be insane.

Although I think someone a while ago calculated it just for fun. Not sure what the numbers were.

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HIGH :rofl:

Still surprisingly not as bad as this posts Lineage cost :no_mouth:

All that being said though if it was cheap would it be so mythical… food for thought i suppose :thinking:

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packs are supposed to be support to pg

I mean sure but it’s also a transaction. It should have value on both sides. This isn’t a charity

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I feel its ok the way it is. its a strategy game after all we need to spend our rss wisely.lets say we get a dragon per 100$ at end game then its a complete p2w game. if its p2w game players will lose interest in game rapidly. since u dont need to grind rss u can just buy them with $$$ ,whats the fun in that. this game has lots of eggs offer compare to old version, we get more eggs from draconic now and we can trade frags for tokens. For a normal player that should give more than 200k tokens per breed event for grinders 400k+ tokens . but normal players who completes festive line should be capable get 1 or 2 dragon per breed (in maxed tier). surely we have only 4 dragons now which makes things easier from old 9+ dragons per tier.

im not saying pack dont need optimization but slight tweak will be best for game. 100$ for a max tier DRAGON looks crazy cheap. after all its the end game we are taking about.

this game is way more generous to players with rss (im taking about eggs only) IMO


If you are going to buy a $100 pack, there is specifically a tokens and frags one available during breeding that is much better suited for your goal here.

If your point is only that the game itself doesn’t automatically direct you there in the first place - I’ve never played a mobile game that didn’t direct its players to the most expensive route of purchasing the missing resources.

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You can get 300K (I aim for 10K/day) tokens in a month by doing well in events, do all your egg missions (+egg boost) keep running all 3 egg missions in Atlas (speed them up with diamonds from time yo time) Ideally be in a high league for better daily tokens and in an active Atlas team with high daily tokens. I have all dragons and I’ve never bought a pack.