Cost of research

Why is the Garnet tier research costs ~350k tokens per module or ~700k tokens per complete line? Seems to be about 10x more than Sapphire research costs per module. The total cost of Garnet research is ~2.1 million tokens!

I would ask pg to have a look at the cost and reconsider it to bring it more in line with previous costs.

Also, there are no eggs from normal lineage breeding now for Garnet, so we have to breed eggs just for research which becomes very costly.

There is no research past garnet tier at this time

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Yet. Pg greed is bottomless

I misread. Thought he was talking about garnet tier dragons , not research lol.

Research is kind of designed to be a dumping ground for top spenders who have more egg tokens then they need. The amount of boosts you get from garnet tier is negligible enough (max 10% health and damage for flak towers), that it isn’t a competitive necessity unless you are at the end of the game.

Additionally unless you are at end game you are really likely to only need about half of the garnet research (Since most players can only maintain two flaks) in the first place, and you frankly are likely to get a decent chunk of that just from breeding through garnet and emerald tiers.


Remember, they released Garnet , got many waiting to breed (end game) to spend a ton of tokens…then jacked up the price of the next (abysmal) tier.

I am sure that was just a coincidence though


Actually research gives you something good, not like the Dragons we got .

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Yes, garnet dragons hold special place in my dragon heart, along with abyssal ( both tiers are useless)
That being said, I cant wait for abyssal research.

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