Cost of summer season branches

Hi PG and everyone else.

First of all: love the Aztec/Mayan theme of the summer dragons! Great work imo :slight_smile:

That said. Is there any way you would consider slightly lowering the sigil cost of summer branches?
The summer season will contain 6 dragon branches, 2 rider branches and also the egg token branch of 6k sigils. With 28k sigils per branch, most people will be able to get only 1, of maybe 2 or 3 of those awesome looking dragons and riders.
When i started playing last summer i remember only 4 branches, and they were cheaper as well. So twice as many branches now and the sigil cost per branch is higher.

It would just be a waste that there are 8 branches of amazing dragons and riders, and that they are all so expensive that choosing to go for even only 2 or 3 of those is impossible for the large majority of the player base :pensive:

Thanks for your consideration! :blush:

You’re making a lot of assumptions. As a newly-free-but-I-buy-Elite player (didn’t spend this season other than I might have drunkenly accidentally bought like a $5 pack), I got:

  • ET bonus
  • Oksana first page
  • Aibrean Harbinger
  • Fomhar Harbinger

I don’t even push that hard, I have leftovers, and I’m saving chests. Yes I’m in a well performing diamond team as well. What I got was plenty. There is NO reason I should get more or even need more than that. None. We have choices so we can pick what we want, not to get them all.


Yikes… I’m talking about the majority of players. Of course there are others who get more. For example i had a lot of free time this season, i got Corthanak without buying a pack. I know you basically live on WD too. That doesn’t take away from the fact that most people i know, who are actually insanely active, cant finish more than 2 branches.

I’m just saying: Sigil cost increases every time a new tier is introduced. There are twice as many branches now as a year ago. 8 branches to choose from is a lot… Would be cool if we could actually go for more of the awesome designs that PG worked hard on :man_shrugging:


Same costs as the current season if no stones get added.

As for completing more branches:

  • If you’re low level, focus on one branch.
  • Finishing multiple branches should be demanding
  • Getting a mythic dragon or veteran rider shouldn’t be easy

I think the costs are pretty reasonable.

Wait until the reviews are out and make your decision.

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Perhaps insanely active has a different definition to you and I. I mean, my half inactive alt finished on dragon to harbinger plus the rider… EDIT: also I’m taking a bit of a break so I hardly live in game and haven’t for months.

So if a free-ish player is in Sapphire, there is probably no reason to get the harbinger or even the Obsidian stone. They won’t use it by the time it’s viable because more seasons will come out. Want more dragons, get less stones. Want to pay less, get less stones.


I got about the same as red and ive been saving rubies all season. (f2p) If I didnt save rubies I could’ve gotten a third drag.

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You can’t neglect the fact that branches get more expensive for every new tier. I’m just saying, would be cool if they would maybe scale down the rewards but also scale down the sigil cost.
That way you would still get the same amount of rewards from branches for the sigil costs, but could get more of the awesome dragons and riders that PG worked hard on. 8 branches is a lot, guys…

I don’t see the harm in my suggestion. It’s only a suggestion :man_shrugging:
No need to be instant debbie downers lol…

I think if costs went down, everyone will be getting a free mythic. These last 2 seasons mythic dragons have gone down in prize by a LOT thanks to the addition of the Vet Rider. It really helps free players have a good chance at getting seasonal mythics. I hope they continue this for the hunter during fall season.

Last summer had 4 branches, 5 maybe, I think they added a 5th dragon late in the season, but there was also the upper legs of the branches (egg token bonus was on one of them).

No one says you have to get everything. You make that decision. It costs money to pay staff to create this content and to pay for the servers that the game is on.

As much as I hate defending PG, I think they have reached a decent balance between F2P, E2P, and spenders, at least when it comes to season lines. I don’t play (or pay, I’m E2P now) nearly as much as I used to and have no problems finishing an entire season dragon, getting at least the first page of a rider, and getting the egg token boost in the first week or 2 of the event.

So, really, I’m not sure why you are complaining? You can choose to pay out some serious cash and get em all, or choose wisely and get a few things, without supporting the creation of new content and funding the servers to keep the game running. I know I don’t expect to get the same things, season wise or else wise, as players that spend hundreds of dollars a week, why should you?

Of course they get more expensive!! We are paying for the dragons and the rewards are a bonus. Holy crap I’d be pissed if it was easy to get a bunch of harbs from every season. These dragons are better than 99% of lineage dragons. Work for them. The lower stones haven’t changed costs, they just add stones and charge you for the new ones. Pay for them or don’t get them.

Harm is giving more people more awesome dragons for cheaper. Bases cost $$, the dragons that take them down need to take a lot of effort to get there.

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I think you are reading the comments in a negative way xd I dont think anyone means to come across as rude but I do think mythic dragons should require some work to it. I do not want to see every1 flying around with mythic divines, is scary! xd

A new tier-> A new stone-> You’re getting more.
Shouldn’t you pay more as well?
Why do you want to complete a branch so badly? Don’t pay for the new stones if you don’t need them any time soon. Seems pretty easy.

Or am I not getting what you actually want?

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I dont know… The first comment that i got on here was “youre making assumptions” and then she gave an example of herself, which we all know is not the majority of the playerbase i was talking about.

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In any economics situation where a new product is released, the previous lesser product declines in value. That is not the case here. Also, the sigil cost increased but the timers, egg tokens, gold chests, etc that is given in the season branches didn’t increase accordingly.

I just thought it was a pity that PG works on 8 branches and it’s impossible to even get half of those :sweat_smile:

Red has her opinions and I got mines, is not like they were contradicting eachother. Also I do fit in the majority of the player base, and I got about the same progress as her.

Alright i get it. Bad suggestion apperently :roll_eyes: Yikes. Close the subject already then…

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Actually, I think she was spot on and as a mostly E2P player, she is a part of the majority.

I wouldn’t even WANT all of the seasonal dragons for one season. I got them all, once. Guess what? I regret it, because they all reached retirement at about the same time, leaving a gaping hole in my roster (I rely heavily on my divines).

Main game cost scaling is a separate issue that I agree on here. However, with stones those people can still use them the same. Until base building costs also scale, divines certainly should not.

You can get over half the items, but just not at max potential.

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It’s a progression system imo. Not something we can compare to normal goods.
You would get a fast lane by requesting a discount on lower tier stones. Not fair to others who had to grind through the same tiers.

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And the new product costs the same as the old product, where their power is equal. In some cases, the earlier stones are actually cheaper now. But you can’t compare new to old when it comes to seasonal dragons, as they are limited time. Once the season is over, they’re gone. And you do get more stuff for the increased cost. Higher evolution stones and more item tiles to claim.

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