Could need advice on 1st Atlas-Rider

Hi WD-Community!

(Fist of all, excuse my English as I’m not native English speaking).
As I’m new to Atlas, I could use some expert advice on my 1st pick of the Atlas Dragon Rider. I’m currently torn between Defender (Defensive Rider) and the Vanquisher (Hunter Rider). I’m aware that you can only help me if you know my habits/playstyle. So here’s a short summary:

  • Current Player Level: 162
  • Started on December 2015 (so not a complete newbie)
  • Current Progression
    I do never get more then 4 lvls on one building event. This because I do not want to out-grow my dragons. I follow mechenggs base building style, (see picture below)
  • Current Top Dragons
    1. Necryx, Lvl40 (Den capped)
    2. Hauheset, maxed
    3. Avyx, Lvl 37 (Den capped)
    4. Will get Fomhar this season
    5. Kinnarus, don’t laugh Lvl 40 (Den capped)
  • Current Riders
  1. Oksana (currently no gear, but plan to collect them this season)
  2. Tor (no gear)
  3. Kayla (half of the wind gear)
  • I consider myself as a slight above average hunter flyer. Do quite decent, but still struggling with Hau ...
  • I’m following (almost) religiously Red’s Icicle 1 path and will get Usra next event and then Icicle in 1 or 2 events. (my current average Token gain between event is approx. 130k in 30 days, event rewards inlcuded)
  • I’m one of the lower (currently 5th lowest) Sapphire II team member
  • Moderate activity Level. Get all my daily multi’s done on the full rooster. (so 1-3h per day, 5-10 logons)
  • Low Spender. I through $100 every 2-3 month into the game. Have Elite turned on all the time
  • Obviously, new to Atlas. After 1 week I won’t be able to tell how active I’m gonna be. What I have collected so far is:
    • lvl5 fighter (spend rubies for glory)
    • lvl1 rusher
    • NO GLORY (we do not attack, just build troops)
    • 270 Scrolls, about 35k of each Crafting Shards and 14 Rider Shards
  • Current Base: ![currentBaseBuild|621x500](upload://w6uuAJXbQJWesg2qPEML2Dk1MRH.jpg)

    I do hope that enough information is provided to help me to decide which rider I should pick first. I like the Defender, as it is new, shinny and so on. But I could see that we will get a Defender next season. Also, as I’m not the top base (and probably will never be), rationally it does not make sense to pick him, or am I wrong?

    Do you have any advice? Thank you all for your (hopefully helpful) thoughts and ideas!

    Defender is worth getting bc of the 12% construction reduction. Build some troops and either go glory hunting far enough away or wait for kingpin event and bond the defensive rider to an easy clear dragon and just put glory on it. (unfortunately you just missed it.)

    After you get that construction bonus (rider level somewhere in the late 20’s), then switch over to the hunter rider.

    I like you already xD


    Kinnarus is great for invader bases, don’t need to use boosts.

    Unlock both, unless you’re broke for rider shards, focus on upgrading the defender for the construction bonus. Put the hunter rider on a dragon you will use for atlas attacks so it can accrue glory.

    That’s probably why he said “don’t laugh”.

    Literally what I just said…

    I can see that. I was in the middle of multi-tasking and didn’t fully read your post. I saw the Kinnarus quote first.

    Full construction bonus takes 147 Rider shards and 73,000 Glory to obtain (L31) so it does take a while to get there, maybe 6 months if they keep the shards flowing like they currently are and you do decent in events. I just got mine a few months ago and I had access back in Oct/Nov.

    For now i would:

    • Spend 5 shards per rider to get them unlocked so you can start earning glory on every one of them
    • Hold onto the rest of your Rider shards. You need 147 to take advantage of timers and a defense rider may pop up in the seasons with a construction bonus for cheap, and construction bonuses won’t stack, just take the greater of the two values so it may eventually be super easy to get a few % construction reduction bonus

    Thank you guys! Your advice is very much appreciated
    Will follow mechengg advice and unlock both and then hold. My fear is that it will take me literally forever to collect the missing 147 Rider Shards, as I have no clue how well I (and the rest of the team) will perform on the atlas events. Currently I do not very well, but was expected as we are still in the troop building phase :wink:

    Regarding Kinnarus. (Reveling my self as noob, I know … ) but actually I like her. On PvP Events, after a proper setup with Necryx/Haueset I‘m able to clean up bases with him pretty well. Obviously undefended, which is quite often the case in S2.
    And yes, she’s a beast on the xp bases …

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