Couldn’t claim Atlas prize, support not helping


Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

Not sure who to tag for this, if one of the moderators could help me out.

I’m in AEST time zone and last night for me I ran into the bug of not being able to claim my last Atlas season prize being the fire defence sword, being frustrated I took a screen shot sent support a message and went to bed as it was 11pm. Woke at 6am in the morning expecting a fix and being able to claim it however season had expired and prizes had dissapeared, support is telling me bad luck.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ticket number is #1598151



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Um… some of my buddies stayed up until 2AM in their time for the fix and claimed rewards.

I can’t say I don’t pity you, but it is just a bad luck.

I don’t wanna make the time my buddies had to wait meaningless, but I hope you do get something outa this… as I’m pretty darn sure it’s PG’s fault trying to make this happen right at the end of the atlas season.

PG should’ve just waited for the season to end and only then submit the update. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I had the same issue, took screen shots, submitted a ticket… The problem was solely caused by PG (claim buttons not showing so we couldn’t claim our prizes), the fix came way too late after the bug was brought to their attention, and there was only a 3 hour window in which to claim your prize. THREE HOURS. That is an unacceptable time frame, ESPECIALLY when you have a GLOBAL customer base. There should have been a 24 hour extension AFTER the fix was implemented. We know from experience with the update that they CAN extend the time, so WHY DIDN’T THEY after putting in the fix for the claim button bug?!? How was this not an OBVIOUS thing to do to avoid yet ANOTHER major screw up, especially considering there was already a decent sized thread on the forums regarding the bug BEFORE they posted a fix? A number of people on that thread said they could not stay online waiting for a fix (it WAS a work day for MANY people, and people do need sleep), so OBVIOUSLY there were going to be upset customers if you don’t give 24 hours for everyone to have a fair chance at utilizing the fix! :angry:

We spend a lot of time and effort in obtaining those sigils, and PG needs to make this right, and not with just some piddly global tiny “sorry” items. Those who had sent in screen shot tickets before the fix was implemented should receive their rightful prizes on a case by case basis. Yeah, that might take some time and some man hours, but maybe then the lesson might stick in PG’s head to think through their actions and quit making the same mistakes over and over. You can only improve if you learn from your mistakes. This is true whether you’re a dragon lord, or a company responsible for the world dragon lords play in.

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what were you doing during the last 14 or so hours before that issue was reported?

I know atlas was enabled at 1:15 pm pt and starting that, you can claim the rewards until 4 am the next day where the issue was reported (saw it on the forum). and then got fixed 4 hours later.


This happened to me also but PG won’t compensate you which is bs regardless people don’t have time to wait up until 2am for PG to fix their crap. The thing that’s pretty ridiculous is that instead of just ending the event and leaving it open for a while they go and close claiming prizes but there’s not even a new atlas event up so why do that?

@Kenshiki what does it matter what they were doing before or after it got fixed people have a life outside this game do they expect ppl to stay logged on for countless hours?? Look at what happened with atlas nearly a whole 48hrs it was down they didn’t give us any updates when it would be working again did you stay up for 48hrs


Not sure about other people, but I was able to claim other prizes before the Sword just not the sword itself.


@Poodinski what did they say about your ticket? And what’s the name of the person on the help desk that’s responding to your ticket?




Aussie here and this happened to me too. Support/the dev team are being asses about it but I guess because we’re a relatively small group, they think they can comfortable shaft us. Spent time and money grinding out the badges and like the others, tried to redeem them in the remaining Atlas window only to find they’d broken the ability to claim. I put in a ticket after midnight and woke up to find they’d fixed the bug at 2:20am AEST and closed the ability to claim 2 hours later.

I’m also a first time poster who’s been quietly playing for 3 years and PG’s customer service is appalling on this issue. Why should I spend any more money or waste my precious time on a game that doesn’t care about doing the right thing?

Btw, the part of your script that says “be rest assured this won’t happen again” doesn’t actually reassure or make people feel better when they actually have an unresolved grievance.

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@Mentula yeah I’m from Australia too. I totally agree with what your saying. It pisses me off that they’re just so unwilling to help you we pay and play just as much as our peers on WD do that are lucky enough to be located in the time zones as their stuff ups are fixed. This actually makes me not want to play. I’m under lvl 200 so when I was grinding it out in Atlas it’s actually harder to get badges when you’re small that’s why I’m so disheartened about it


I’m not surprised you’re disheartened. You’ve been penalised because of a Bug introduced by PG and they won’t admit culpability. It’s strange, other games companies go out of their way to focus on customer retention as it’s cheaper keeping players than trying to get new players (or old players if you were following the whole thread about giving free dragon tiers to people who had left the game).

They’ve admitted they made a mistake, they’ll change their timings next time to take into account global players but won’t do anything to compensate you for your time and effort that has been wasted. If this is PG’s attitude to their player base, then time to stop spending, wind down from this game and play a game that gives you enjoyment instead of frustration and annoyance.

No one from PG has read this thread or can’t be bothered replying so far. Happy Monday.


I also have a problem claiming my prizes, as does a teammate of mine. I tried to do that before April 5th 11:00.
Tickets don’t help, neither did escalating. They told me to reach out to the forum, so here I am… I would be pleasantly surprised if it has any effect, PG :eye::eye:


@Mentula well said hun!!!
@jazDax yeah they lurking on this issue. They’re so quick to ban players for cheating and using a ruby website but when the shoe is on the other foot they turn a blind eye :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes:


@Crisis @Arelyna care to reply with an official statement?

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I have figured it out PG on either side Atlas or regular game is like an abusive friend and as such its getting tedious to stay


Bad luck was the bug happening in the first place.

However, PG’s unwillingness to resolve this issue with those of us who sent screen shots during the time of the bug and could not make the COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE three hour window after the fix was enabled - THAT IS DELIBERATE, not bad luck, and it is completely appalling.

No one here is asking for extras or a free handout, no one is trying to cheat the system. We just want what we honestly worked hard for and earned, and we’re denied claiming those earnings not through any fault of our own, but because PG messed up, and then DELIBERATELY are choosing not to make right. :angry:


A very similar issue happened last season also and they had a whole season to fix it but obviously decided to do nothing.