Couple atlas questions

can’t post in atlas forum so: couple questions

Do base boost work across both platforms when active. ie in atlas and regular play?

Base rider. Do the stats apply in both the atlas world and regular play

Other riders; Same, are boosts working on “both” games. Yes i see the numbers change, but have seen that with garbage runes that do nothing in the long run also. have yet levelled high enough to notice difference, but curious

Whats up with the perches. On any of my atlas defends i never see my perch dragon

Don’t know for sure, but I want to say yes.


Yes. Hence why riders are appearing in season lines, even for non atlas players.


I am not convinced that base boosts apply in atlas, but its not really possible to test outside of a testing environment.

Perches due in January 2018

Riders were working in both setups during last patch, aka normal and atlas play; they are visually still there in this patch, haven’t checked the numbers.

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