Couple of problems I'm having

1st problem is that egg token missions are no longer registering properly. If it’s a destroy so many towers or defeat so many bases they work no problem but… loot x amount of resourses… I can attack till I’m blue in the face and filled my resourses from 0 to 170k and nothing shows.

2nd problem sence I got my new Samsung galaxy s9 I can’t even access the game without strong wifi

where as my old ZTE z-max pro had no problem connecting no matter wher I was

Do you mean when u atk, and supposedly getting x resources it takes like 15-20 secs before it register?

hitting or destroy missions = Check the level of the base that you are attacking + if that base has the tower that you are looking for.

Loot X amount = check your storage hut before flying and see the amount of resource that you get in the end. Most people spend their resource if they see someone attacking them which more or less give you like 1k food/wood or below.

always be the lead attacker to be safe.

All attacks made are at proper lvls and usually over the required amount, and not a delay issue as I check progress on the event to account for that when it happens, would like to double check current stock issue but can’t access the game right now. Keeps timing out when on 4g LTE and not wifi

I don’t have complete knowledge on another country’s data service, but does your previous phone and your current phone have the same data service? If it’s a different one, then that should be the cause of the issue. Different connection different issue which depends also on the internet traffic.

I have the same problem at work also with the internet. The destroy and damage missions register right away but there is a lag in loot. Sometimes it doesn’t register at all. During those times, I’ll close the app and restart the phone. That either works and I can do another raid to complete the mission or I get locked out entirely from the game. I hope that helps. :four_leaf_clover:

I have the same connection problem with my new phone, use a VPN app and it should work.

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Both phones are on the same network . Just tried to reboot the phone and still no luck.

I have the same phone I’ve had since I started playing, and only recently I have been getting a lag in receiving looted resources. Assumed it was my connection, but maybe it’s a new issue if so many are having the same problem now.

Was finally able to access the game via wifi and I was able to collect on all my egg token missions but didn’t get the event points for it that would have given me the next prize

you can still catch up if you’re just going to breed.

No catching up but at least I solved the time out issue, it was my phone’s network settings. Just needed to reset it via tech support.

Can you explain what you did to your phone? Just reseting or you change something inside the network settings?

I had to contact my mobile Carrier for them I had to contact my network perier so that take it reset the network on my phone

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