Couple suggestions

When i first made these, they asked to post in the forums for discussion

1). Add a 24 and msybe even 48 hour speed ups.
With towers taking weeks to build now, this seems a logical progression (using same scale as the others, a 24 hour speed up would take less time to forge than two 12’s)

2). Be able to create your own food/lumber packs
There are times my stores are full, no one on my team needs any, and Im 2 weeks away from being able to use. It would be nice to save some for a rainy day when i can use it.

My thought is being able to save a percentage (25-50%) once a day (or even just once a week) would still leave plenty for others to raid. Would sure be handy for those times when food/lumber is scarce.

Im not opposed to there being some downside to this such as “spoilage” where a per cent of what you store back is lost (example: You create a package of 100k lumber, but only 90k is actually saved)

1.) yes would be nice

2.) no. Lumber food packs should only be a Prize in Chests.

  1. Here is a post that discussed timers quite a bit and the scaling of it,
    Urgent scaling required!

  2. This is the most recent post about creating food/wood packs Create your own food and wood packs

I think someone proposed your exact same idea in the past, might have been in the old forums cause I cant find it.

Just some info to read on.


Hey welcome to the forums.

#1) This has already been covered previously quite a few times

My personal opinion is that i don’t care what denomination we are given speedups in, they could give us all 1 minute speedups for all i care. I think what they need to do is simply scale up these timers instead of creating new ones.

#2) This has already been covered previously quite a few times

My personal opinion is that this would be OK but there would have to be drastic downsides and restrictions. AKA:

  • 1x per day
  • Only 10% is converted to a pack
  • Cost is 50-100 rubies

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