Couple War Questions for experienced folks


Hey, just a few questions so I can understand some war “etiquette” better. When teams send out decoys, what’s the protocol? Tonight I noticed one player who had already 5 flamed someone hitting all sorts of members of our team. I stopped defending figuring it was a decoy but there was no attack banners just defense banners for this one person hitting team through war screen. Is this cool? Also on that same note, does defending those attacks count towards defense score even though they had already got their 5 flames but were just hitting the team?

Thanks in advance, just not sure if this is one of those things where higher leagues will say “that person was just being a decoy stop crying” (even though nobody on their team was attacking) or if this was just someone using the war as a mask to hunt for wood etc. I appreciate any feedback I’m in Platinum 3 league just an FYI if that adds context.

edit - By “is this cool?” I’m not wondering if there is any PG rules broken and someone needs to be reported, I just mean “is this cool?” as in is this standard or should I go farm him.


If he has completed his 5 flames and he’s the only one attacking with no other war banners, he’s just farming your team. If he attacks an open teammate of yours (one that has not been 5 flamed by their team) and it is defended, it counts towards your defense points. If it’s against a team member that’s already been 5 flamed, it won’t count toward defense points. Decoys are usually people that attack at the same time as a war attack or towards people that are online so that all banners appear red to them.


Thanks, I pretty much didn’t know if I had a gripe or not (with this individual not the game). Both wars tonight have been odd. The other one has players from their team revenge hitting those that hit them in war from our team lol.

Anyways, thanks a lot. Being in a lower league it’s tough to tell sometimes what is SOP someone might have learned from a higher league, or someone just being a D.


You are wrong in the defense point. Even if that person was 5 flamed, any defense WOULD count toward Def points for your team


I have to disagree with you there on anecdotal evidence, although I might have photo evidence if I go a-digging. If the target is 5 flamed and you’ve 5 flamed, it won’t count towards defense points, defended or no.
Edit: I went a-digging and I found the photos, observe I decoyed on crimsontide, was defended, yet there was no added def points:


Is it just someone who is 5-flamed and has 5-flamed? If they 3-flamed their target and then went down the line hitting other people who had been 3-flamed (or any combination of non 5-flame) would defense count? Sorry if I’m being confusing I’m just trying to understand. Thanks again!


I would say yes it would, although I have not tested it.


I think anything less than 5 flames will count towards Def points (this I know for sure cause we had triple up on a high base, 4 flames before)


Doesn’t matter if you have any flames :fire:, hitting any 5 flame :fire: targets won’t give your opponents any defence points


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