Courtesy, Manners, and “Unspoken Rules”

I’m sure most of you have heard about these things at some time or another. One player sent me an email stating that one of my team mates should have checked to see if he was online before attacking, calling it “basic manners.” I find it laughable. During Rss raids, I check to see if the player is online. Not because it’s “polite,” but because I hate to waste an attack on someone who’s online and most likely going to transfer rss and I come up empty-handed. Thoughts?


Bah. No me gusta. I have enough to worry about than whether or not you’re online or in my league.

If they ask in a polite way, then I’ll reach out and offer rss back. But I don’t apologize to rude people for playing the game :woman_shrugging:t2:


Sounds like they got a bit confused when someone told them the reason to look for offline targets.

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Agreed. And since attacking other players is o e of the basic premises of the game…

Lol this rule does not exist, even in the abyss of platinum I’ve never heard such nonsense


Be a Savage. Hit everyone.


:joy: wut? I’ve heard the no defending during pvp, the no raiding within league and the no revenging on war. But never this. Sounds dumb.


Laugh at him, say I can see you’re online now, then go raid him.


I’m not positive, but I believe green means “go”. So, online is the best time to hit :thinking:.


I love that Kid’s innocence. One day he’ll learn WD is a savage wold.

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It’s fun if theyre online and defending… sometimes i go for it just to see if the person will defend. After all, undefended bases are like XP bases with mages, it gets old after a while. Rss or not, win or not, its quite fun! For me its definitely the experience matter more than the end result.


I honestly do not know of any unspoken rules…

Matching making can easily pair you with someone in your league it’s happened numerous times!

As far as not defending in events? That one is laughable 90% of the leagues have teams that defend in events.
But this one always seems to be an entertaining subject in LC when someone wastes energy and IF because of a defender.

The not hitting someone online? This is the first I have ever heard of this lol

There’s other stuff I’ve heard here and there but nothing that holds any real weight in any league I’ve been in.


There is only one unspoken rule which should be followed:

All teams must be careful not to score higher than my team in any event.


Only rule I’ve seen enforced globally within War Dragons is “Don’t declare war on the farm team”.

Besides that, we make up our own rules based on our conscience and those of the team’s leadership. :slight_smile:


I agree with the person that mailed the poster:

  1. you should never hit someone who is online
  2. you should never defend during pvp events,
  3. never bring in a ringer,
  4. never use foul language and
  5. never declare a war when a team is below 50 members.

At least thats what i would say if farmville had wars and pvp events… oh wait we are talking about WD. NVM. perhaps suggest he tries Farmville?

In all serious though, hell no, its fair game. Just dont accuse someone of farming if he/she hits back, not just you but anyone else in your team to recoup his/her RSS. You can hit me all you like. But if i’m online, and i self defend especially, dont be surprised if i revenge ten fold. I wont begrudge you for hitting me though.


And one always receives the nicest, friendliest mails thanking you for taking alllll those rss of their hands which you don’t receive when you attack someone that’s not online.

I just love those thank you letters.

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You can call me barbaric but when I need rss I forget about good manners. It’s a war game after all, what manners are you talking about? We are not at soiree

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Unspoken? Why scare?

Unspoken/unwritten rules about attacking out of league, farming (when we were given a bookmark feature for a reason), and not attacking alliance members always makes me laugh. I’m too busy trying to find bases with the right XP or resources or defenses to hit. I never even know who I’m hitting until the invite screen pops up. Having to go and look up online status or team name or whatever is just too much work.

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I usually check if someone is online so I can make sure I’m not wasting an attack like you’ve said, but I’ve also attacked when someone is offline and not gotten any resources. If I’m in a hurry to attack and get back to my resources to make sure nobody attacks me while I’m collecting I’m less likely to care if they are online are not (going back to the fact that half the time I attack it shows they are offline and I get no resources) so :woman_shrugging:. It sounds like someone whining to me.

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