Covid-19 Be safe! Please

To the War dragons community , I want to wish you all a safe summer please wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. To all the members in this community who have unfortunately gotten covid I would like to say I’m really sorry and I hope you get better soon! I myself tested positive this morning for covid but not having many symptoms and I hope it stays that way. Anyways happy flying and be safe!
Droom :ghost:


Anything with the word “Covid” becomes controversial at some point. :popcorn:
But yeah, stay safe, try not to speed run a COVID case.


Also stay clear of any ebola cases you run into.


Even though they’ve opened everything up here I’ll be choosing to wear a mask for the foreseeable future. I’ve been vaccinated but it’s not 100% and I wont be taking that risk. My elderly father lives with me and I wont be putting him at risk because I cant trust people.
This has been like a group project, I know I’ve done my part but am forced to depend on others to do theirs so we don’t fail. From this last year we see we’ve got a bunch of drunk stoners who probably wont even hand anything in at all despite the work pretty much being done for them.

Everyone wants to talk about what they’d do during a zombie apocalypse… pfff, we got to play this pandemic on easy mode and we still failed miserably.


Agreed, and to the people that make science political: you’re the problem.


Lmfao I love this so much. So true.


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Oh no I always wear a mask I got it from a family member when I stayed at their house

More like “oh know I may get hurt. Better turn the game off and not play” :roll_eyes:

Umm more like you try to go to a site and your virus protection alerts you that it is a known unsafe site. Some people don’t continue, others say “pfff, you’re not gonna stop me from… wait, what is this that just locked my screen and is saying I have to go buy gift cards and send them the money to unlock my computer? How could this have happened? I better send this site to everyone I know so they can check it out”

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Well we will continue with this ridiculous analogy. Now we stop all internet service because “hey you never know” but the only way to be safe is everyone needs to download this untested virus software. But it’s safe because the manufacturer says it is.

Same here. Best to not take any chances

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You dont really understand science, do you? Are you one of those people that thinks the Government is injecting us with microchips with these vaccines and that the earth is flat?

What a world we live in when people believe random nobodies on Youtube for scientific “facts” over medical professionals.


I mean… it has been tested? By like every vaccine making team in the world?

And even if it hadn’t been, the virus was killing people. Not everyone but a lot of people. It wasn’t bricking computers or installing ransomware. The stakes are VERY different. I haven’t been able to see any of my family as they are all highly vulnerable and they haven’t been able to leave the house in an entire year, because they could literally die. And if any one of them got it, they all would.

Something that reduces the chances of them dying, of anyone dying, that gives people a realistic chance of being able to enjoy their life again and not be locked inside forever is a good thing.

And that’s just one family. Many people are vulnerable. The old, those with any one or multiple of various conditions, or those that live with those people who risk spreading it to them. So many people have had to stop living their lives because of this.

So even if the vaccine wasn’t tested (which it has been by literally every country in the world separately), it would have been produced by some of the best in the world, with probably more funding than any other vaccine, and with every country in the world doing its own independent tests. This isn’t joe blogs with no experience making it.

It’s just a bit different


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Absolutely it is. But a choice like the vaccine does also affect others. Again not all, but it does affect others. You get the final say in it as you absolutely should. But there are cases where this choice affects others.

Using the vulnerable family example, until they are all vaccinated people can’t visit them. The people in the house can’t visit others easily as they could bring it home to the unvaccinated people.

If you aren’t in a situation like this then yeah you probably have a bit less pressure one way or the other.

As above. You might want to take the risk. But others may not want to expose you to that and may limit what they do to balance that.

Science isn’t infallible. Absolutely true. But it is by far the best resource we have here. Imperfect or not.

You are INCREDIBLY lucky here. I can count on a single hand the people I know who haven’t had to change their life drastically in at least one way.

I’m not convinced this is true of everyone. Immune systems vary.


This statement right here shows that no, you dont understand science. Nothing medical is 100%, you can still technically die from the common cold. Just because you’re vaccinated doesnt mean you are completely immune, it means the chances of contracting it are less. Vaccines work when everyone gets them. They’re not a magic shield surrounding you in a protective bubble.

I care because people are still dying. I care because I would actually like for us to get back to a normal life where we arent worried about getting it or who is walking around without bothering to wear a mask that hasn’t been vaccinated. I care because the world doesn’t just revolve around me. I guess that is a difficult concept to grasp.

I find this statement so unbelievably ignorant and disgusting. What are people afraid of? DEATH! The death of their loved ones, the death of elderly people who are most at risk or of young children who arent old enough to be vaccinated. I have someone on my team whose father died from Covid last summer. For the last year I have been terrified about losing my father to it because ignorant people who whine and complain that wearing a freaking piece of cloth is too much of an inconvenience.


Where I live the mask mandate has been lifted so I don’t wear one anymore. I don’t really see how the cheap masks you get from WalMart or other stores really do anything.:man_shrugging:


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Thanks for proving my point