Cowardly players


yeah, that too :smiley:

Don’t know why I said pods. They are called pods in some other game I guess :blush:


Oh, one more thing! One day you will do the same, when you need >200k egg tokens to moderately succeed in this game :wink:


I’m almost at that point… am not looking forward to that endless token grind. FML. :t_rex:


It’s no fun, but it yields great rewards. This game is all about the dragons. Don’t worry about other raiding your base. Just watch out for farming, that’s really annoying.


Cause sometimes when you have a coffee break and you have 5 mins left to squeeze in a few more attacks to get those remaining egg tokens… you are gonna take the easy ones… soz brah… but bosses don’t appreciate WD.


Everyone’s too dedicated to this game, truly a bunch of addicts. I’m almost at the point where I couldn’t care less about my progress. Maybe I should start checking the game every couple of days, and only doing revenge attacks… Or maybe I should just turn my base into another farm that I might remember to check once a month… Nah, if It gets that far, I’ll just delete the game since it takes up a lot of space.

I just can’t understand the mindset of you people. You all must love torturing yourselves. Is this what they call being an M?


What’s really on your mind? Hope everything is ok.


In Atlas? Because they can and get some sort of satisfacion or glee from doing so. Not a pyschology major but maybe a player has a doctorate in same and can give us an underlying characteristic of such people.

Had a player PM me awhile back from such a group and indicated hope I’d follow through and quit so wouldn’t hear me whine. I accommodated him. He doesn’t know it, but he did me a big favor. PG can thank him and themselves for losing $500-$1k revenue per month. I’m a F2P on this ID now,


I’m just getting bored of the daily grind. The gameplay is so samey now. Imagine if everyone had access to unlimited resources, every base would look the same and everyone would fly the same dragons. There’s hardly any uniqueness and variety anymore because there’s only 1 way to win and everyone’s following that. Players that do follow a different setup usually do so because they don’t know any better, and end up getting stomped later on.


With the perch changes there are now varied setups with pros and cons actually.


Well, there’s no arguing the grind. I’d advise to focus on flying more than worrying about everyone’s bases looking the same. Everyone can build the same (figuratively speaking) but the flying part, sans android/lag issues, is a part of the game you can “progress” on their own.

I get what you’re saying, though, but even things that look cookie cutter aren’t so much, in certain cases.


Provided you can actually build perches of a suitable level… but wait, there are hardly any black perals in the game anymore so you’re kinda SOL there too.


Yeah, I started playing right after they stopped giving pearls. Sucks


True. But 50% of something is still better than nothing! :joy:


Exactly this.


those of us that work over 70+ hours per week go into that thing called matchmaking and just pick the first available base that will accomplish the egg mission and we don’t have time to worry about what’s challenging - we just want to complete the egg mission and move on with our day - i wish i had time to worry about such petty things - just be happy and enjoy the damn game :slight_smile:






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