Craft event: Wrong team tier and prizes

Same issue as in previous topic

Team prize tier rankings:

Our team is not even listed in tiers, and prizes are suspiciously low

could our team please get a tier correction and the missing earned shards refund? (Ticket 1130634)

And a separate issue: in-app forum is asking for password every time, on both pages (settings-> forum and settings-> more settings-> forum)

Personal points are all the same, but your infrastructure bonuses influence them .

We are in Tier 2 Group 1 and no one is showing either. I think this is a display error @PGEcho

Global rank in the prizes doesn’t influence what tier you are in for that event.

Thank you for information, is there a link or guide to read more about this? it’s hella confusing, not even sure if its recent update to bonuses or has it always been this way

We are in tier 4 group 33 and we should be the top team, but it only lists 3 other teams. Places 4 and 5 day “no team in range yet.”

It looks like we deployed a fix for this a little over an hour ago. Could you check your games again and let us know if anything still looks amiss? Thanks!

Looks like it worked! Please tell the team thank you! :+1:

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Basically the prizes for this event is pretty crap.

For some reason prizes show 450 shards and then 100 for higher points :eyes:


Hey not fair! :joy:

@pgEcho @PGEggToken what are the actual personal prizes supposed to look like? Mine are really low…

I think your tier was determined on your last Atlas event’s ranking. If you ranked good you would be promoted to the next one. Just my guess.

Check again, they should show back to normal. Sometimes stuff gets screwed up with the event shard display quantity and it goes back to normal after a reset.

No idea why it happens but it’s happened to me several times in all types of events

The scroll part is good… one of the best ways to get more of them.

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I believe this has been asked a few times in the past, and progression prize tiers come in peaks and valleys, so there are a few tiers that are higher than the one right after it, but the next “peak” will be higher than the previous one.

As for team grouping, it’s based on the previous event’s ranking. It might be a little weird at the moment because we just added a bunch of teams, and everyone’s still shuffled about.

@PGEggToken the problem here is that @Umaya shows different personal prizes as me. See the screenshots above. What’s going on here?

Last night it was still 400s-> 100s

Now is all back to 100s

I guess our previous event score was low

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