Craft scroll changes

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Is this still your plan pg?
Posted a new thread so it’s not hiding behind 180 messages


Finally! I’m running low on crafting scrolls so I could really use the 50% decrease of the crafting scroll cost on dragon rider gear crafting!

Imagine if everyone made a new thread for every question they deem important.

Oh wait…

It is very important with the current event happening😃

There will still be a reduction in cost, the final release date isn’t set but it is not this week.


What about… this week?! :eyes:


What about this month? :slight_smile:

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How about now?

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Was curious about this as well. As I have a hunch gear crafting ‘event’ is probably coming up again in Atlas very soon (i could be wrong).

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I dont think this might even be happening anymore.

You are terrible at searching :grin::grin:

Yes I am, that’s some good news at least.

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