Crafting: actual stats



Now i’ve gone two crafting events with no legendaries, see it works out :stuck_out_tongue:


Well we’ll see lol. Honestly I’m mostly happy that I can see my account is capable of being given a legendary gear, I was beginning to think I was just screwed forever


Well you were so far down the # tries that it was virtually impossible for you to NOT get a legendary that craft. Unfortunately for you that cycle now starts all over again - hopefully your luck will be better this cycle! :rofl:


I got three legendary pieces in 25 attempts. And I haven’t gotten another one since then. lol.

It’ll work out–1600 attempts for 10 sets.


I forgot to post because I was on vacation- I finally got my second legendary this past event!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:
It sucks that it’s taking this long but the funny thing is that I had JUST finished leveling my first legendary piece to level 10 (because it takes so freaking long to find all those shards). So I guess there’s no reason to be in such a hurry to find more legendaries. I won’t be able to level them anyway. lol
I’ll just wait another 9 months for my next one and by then I’ll be ready to start leveling it. :woman_facepalming:


Just a small tip, I think it’s actually more cost effective (shards vs % gained) to go for crafting all level 1 legendary gear than to level 1 piece at a time. The cost scales up but the buffs gained remain the same per level increase so this is one of the only times in the game where it’s actually better to get a full set before leveling it up fairly evenly (weapons shield ring take priority of course but only by a bit).


What he said… Unless you didn’t have any scrolls and were just trying to get points.

Certainly not to level 10. I have run out of scrolls, mostly before the cost reduction, so I have some incomplete sets that are leveled to 3.

The one advantage to upgrading the gear is that it’s guaranteed. So, you do see an immediate benefit.


Um, okay. So what do I do if I can’t get another legendary to drop?!? It literally took me 9 months of crafting (maybe a year) to get my second legendary. So you’re saying I should just not level it? I mean, I would continue trying for a third legendary while I leveled it.


9 months of crafting? How many crafts do you do per event?

That seems like an extraordinarily long time to be honest.


Yeah sounds really long. I’m on slightly less than two full sets of legendaries spread out over 3 sets in less than 6 months


I know, right? It seems really long to me, too. I have been on here complaining about it, but all I can say is that I don’t speed up my crafts with rubies and I have a craft going at all times during the crafting events. :woman_shrugging:
i have have several people swear to me that if I start speeding up with rubies my luck will improve, but when I came on here to the forum to check out that theory I was assured that the probability should not change. So I have stuck to the slow method. But I do have several teammates who speed up with rubies who have crazy good luck. Given the fact that they now have several full suits of legendary armor and I have TWO PIECES, I have to wonder if it might have been worth the rubies. lol


Craft outside event, upgrade during event

UNLESS you don’t have sufficient mats


I would add only craft non-300 scroll items outside event. Don’t speed them up. No reason to.

The good news is that if you crafted many hundreds of times and got only a few pieces, the RNG God will soon be smiling on you.

Be prepared to get 4 or 5 pieces. (No promises… Just, it is statistically likely, since it needs to happen to balance out the average.)


Thanks for the “permission” to do that. I was just getting to the point of realizing I needed to. I have 19.1k scrolls so I’m obviously not able to keep up by crafting during the event alone. I’m just used to the mentality from the regular game of saving all activity for events. This should help a lot. Getting pretty desperate. lol


Yeah i tried to just craft in event but just doesn’t work


I only craft the 25 scroll items outside of event and it worked out well for me


Update on this- since I started crafting outside the event a few days ago, I just got TWO MORE legendaries this morning back to back! :joy::joy::joy:

I guess, like Savage said, I was due… lol


It’s random… but with a large enough sample, you will get that 5% you’re expecting.

On one set, I got 4 legendary pieces in maybe 20 crafts. It was many crafts later before I got the next legendary, and I still don’t have the legendary weapon or shield.

Save them all, and count when you have 10 legendary sets. I bet you’re pretty close to 1600 total pieces.


strange I have 17 legendaries already but I dont think I have more than 200 pieces


didn’t get a single legendary piece this most recent event. :frowning: