Crafting costs rubies wtf!?!?

ok so my team is new to atlas… so far so good mostly at least lol… BUT we now have crafting event which most of us have been itching for so I go start first piece and… we have to wait 3 freaking hours we cannot speed using speedups we have to use our rubies, rubies which won’t get replaced by prizes because diamonds are atlas currency and rubies are regular game currency… does nobody else have an issue with this?? Like we’re not already at a disadvantage because of course we don’t have gear to level up which is where I understand the real points are… I feel like this event is already a bust for us :pensive::expressionless:


Wait the 3 hours like the rest of us. It’s a long event, come back every 9 hours to queue up some new ones

But i agree it should be diamonds that are used, not rubies to speed them up. Either way it will cost you the same amount since 1 diamond = 1 ruby at least from the store.


Also to note, as your first week in Atlas you shouldn’t expect to compete directly head on with teams that have had atlas for a while and have done a ton of work saving up materials for this event.

Troop Training, sure go ahead and compete and do your absolute best.

But for Crafting and Training, those are events that you need to save your items up for so you shouldn’t expect to compete week 1


I just make sure my gear crafting queue is filled so I don’t waste any time. Speeding it up with rubies gets expensive really quickly.


I’m doing what I can the best I can… I just want to have fun and break in this new world in style :man_shrugging: But going forward, I’ll definitely be planning more, lol :t_rex:

I had similar thoughts, but then I gave it a moment and tried finding logic in it:

  • The FORGE is a part of the main base
  • Timers can be FORGED >>> using them to speed up forging is bizarre. It can cost you more than what you gain.
  • Diamonds are Atlas-exclusive, while the result of forging is NOT >>> hence the rubies are used to expedite

So I came to terms with it. 9 hours waiting for 3 items to be forged is fair enough. I guess.


That would make sense except that the gear forge is not main game, it’s atlas exclusive. And all other items in the forge can be sped up with timers so by preventing that they are actually breaking the “norm”

Yeah, but we’re not given the same opportunity to speed it up with timers like we can in other Atlas things. Also, you only gain access to the Gear tab when you have Atlas, so even though it’s in the main-game, it’s Atlas specific. :t_rex:


Then explain why speeding up troops costs rubies instead of diamonds?

Forgeable Gear is exclusive to people with atlas and is obtained through atlas and shards are in atlas packs. It should use atlas currency to speed up :man_shrugging:t3:


Also if you’ll pay attention,speeding up troops costs more rubies for same time(conspired to main game)
For example,it can be 60 rubies for a few minutes :speak_no_evil:

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While having access to Atlas is mandatory to be able to forge gear, the gear itself can be used everywhere in the game.

Lutrus, does it? I haven’t noticed. I have truck loads of 1h timers, I always use them.

I’d really suggest everyone to open first 3 slots for crafting ASAP
Because in long term run it will save a lot of rubies)
It will be more comfortable,when this event will be ended,and you’ll be able to get rubies from monuments.
Just run Invader/grind gold/collect some rubies to speedup crafting a little
Also you can see,that different items will request different amounts of rubies to speedup them
You can chose cheapest one,to make spot free


Noticed it for the first time with my alt who was out of timers. Thought I would use diamonds to speed it up and then get the next reward prize when I built the next batch of troops, but nope, costs rubies.

I don’t deny that armor greatly affects the core game, my argument, however, is that it is obtained solely through atlas, therefore should be consistent across the board.


Yup. :t_rex:


Well, you have a point. (:

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I’d feel better about not competing except we’ve obviously been thrown in with a group that’s had atlas for a while it’s like just handing them the first place spot… if it used diamonds to speed up I’d be annoyed perhaps but then at least it’d make sense since I’d get them replaced via prizes… just seems odd nobody seems to have questioned this before

Why odd?
Everything in Atlas costs something
Same as main game
You can’t speedup ET missions with speedups,only with rubies,right?
Atlas gear gives a huge bonuses and it’s super easy event(if you have enough shards and scrolls)
Those days scrolls payouts will let everyone craft a lot of items(comparing to past,when it costed way more scrolls)
So if it will be possible to use Dimonds,it will be too easy to max event and it could be ended in a few hours I guess
It’s just first thoughts,which I had.
Never thought about this from “it’s wrong” angle yet

Not asking for it to be free?!? Just saying it’s an ATLAS event only available if you have atlas why require regular game currency?? Instead of diamonds which will be at least partially replenished via prizes… let me put it a different way what if you had to use diamonds in regular game to speed or otherwise get ahead in those events ? Perhaps pg just didn’t think of it since diamonds are relatively new but I think it’s worth looking into or let us use speeds… and sorry I really don’t think you can compare egg runs to events

It was already questioned. And as normally goes. It was buried deep by PG.

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Good to know as I couldn’t find a thread on it or recall reading about it… come on pg pull yourselves away from those oh so called for ui redesigns (major sarcasm juuuuuust in case it didn’t come thru)

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