Crafting costs rubies wtf!?!?


It’s been like this since before diamonds were a thing. Remember guys, diamonds were only introduced LAST MONTH. Up until then, you could use rubies for everything in Atlas. Training troops, leveling primes, etc. It would be nice if you could use timers, I absolutely agree, but just be glad that it’s something you can still spend rubies on.


I prefer spending rubies on other things. Would be better if you have the option of either spending diamonds, rubies, or timers so if you don’t have one thing then you have another option


If you speed up your crafts less than a week into atlas you will just run out of materials with 2-3days left. No need to speed it up

And you would still not get first regardless. If you complain about these things you don’t spend with complete disregard. Someone else will. :man_shrugging:t2:


Eh the being first thing was just a throw in lol … not that I want to speed EVERY piece I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have the capability to do so tho using either speeds or diamonds not my rubies that are needed for regular game things


Don’t speed them. It leads to great disappointment lol. Ask me how I know (after a cpl too many lol)


I agree with you with this that it’s not advisable to speed up the crafting. As it because the luck of getting a good gear as against to the number of crafting shards is way off too little.

But the intent of the suggestion if I am not mistaken is to have the option to do it.

Anyways, I would not be surprise that PG would do some changes about it. But it will be more on monetizing it.


Once we’ve or at least I’ve gotten gear for my go to dragon I’m sure it won’t be such a big deal but yes we should at least have the option is my point…it just seems stupid but I definitely take your point on not speeding it normally


For a moment, I was going to try to think about why this could be. But then I just realised I didn’t care.

There’s so much wrong in this game that if you tried to make sense of anything you’d just go crazy.

@pgEcho @PGEggToken something for ya’ll to look at - if you feel like it - sometime in the future - while this game still exists… :man_shrugging:


couldn´t agree more.
This game is full of “let´s start things… oh no it doesn´t pay off so let´s not follow it anymore”

Remember a time they introduced Armor for dragons with 0 effect… it still exists.
Or like a thousands of utterly useless consumable spells from the times when gold tier was the highest…
Or the ruby mine
Or the salvage shop (which some had it for months and yet it never got released)


Haha. We made that mistake, ended troop training in top 20 in all of Atlas. Now we are in a reward tier with all top teams and are so far back in 5th place we can’t even see the taillights of the team ahead of us… :laughing:


I think I am the only person that is ok with spending rubies on crafting instead of diamonds.:woman_facepalming: I use my diamonds only for opening chest, which suck if I might add. Since we get more rubies in a week than diamonds I also only use rubies for chest I am personally ok with it. Maybe this is the way I justify it :woman_shrugging:


people open those awful chests? good god why?!?!

you will get more from event prizes using your rubies there (gold during build ships or train Prime event, speeding crafts during craft event (if they allowed that) ect.) than you will from opening those garbage chests.


Lol pretty much same thing happened to us…, we live and learn … overall we are happy tho of course there are a few with issues (it wouldn’t be pg without issues)


The diamond currency came just after I got Atlas, purportedly to cut back on cheating somehow but not sure how TBH.

Hoard your diamonds, just craft new gear your first few events, only level up legendary and elite gear if you get it. Leveling up takes a LOT of materials so you likely won’t have enough to compete unless you spend either way.

Hang in there


Or the Ochre Incident
Or the level-up prizes


Those shoes tho :scream::scream::scream:




Friggin Ochre, wish I’d never bothered to breed that one :roll_eyes:


I agree, it’s an atlas feature of the forge, so diamonds should be used.

This is the argument PG used on me when I asked why I couldn’t use timers to expedite gear but could in the forge. :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀️

ADD SPEEDUPS to expedite crafting gear!

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