Crafting Event & ascendant gear

Is it me or is the reward for upgrading ascendant gear wrong? It appears to be only giving points at 1/10th of what it should be on upgrading, that is, it appears just based on crystal value not the exchange to shards value as you would expect

you should be using the forums search functionality, my friend. See this:

DragonPunchSenior Support Manager

This is the plan, and our team is still working on this. We’ll let you know once we have an update.

Update: Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make this happen, but for sure for the next time we run this event. Some additional code changes are needed.


They should give everyone 100 percent crafting event prizes, so if submit complaints to them anyone that is doing ascended stuff, at the very minimum for the insane cost of the gear you should get points in the event

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