Crafting event during downtime

Will we get event credit for the gear that we craft during the Atlas downtime?

Well, only access is disabled, but I guess event is still on-going and would count your points.

However, to be sure, you should just wait for the Atlas access to be enabled because you might not track how many points you got before and after crafting those.

Bank Transfers to players initiated before the downtime stalled and have not yet been received by the players, so… maybe not.

The “craft” action and not the “claim” action should be what generates the event points, so you’ll still earn the credit.

but isnt the event ending soon?

and we cant gather more points by attacking Poachers/Goldmine?
what if we miss a prize now ?
rewards are low anyways but a few timers more or less could make a difference for the coming Forti Event :unamused:

Anyone else having trouble claiming the prizes in the crafting event?

Please note that due to the two version differences, there will be a visual issue with individual progression points updating. Any crafting you performed during downtime will still count, however. We expect all the calculations to have caught up by about 2pm today, and everyone will still be able to claim their prizes in the hours after.

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