Crafting gear, this is just bizarre

yo seriously did anyone ever have to craft one item 7 times to get it common 7 times!

same thing with another item i been crafting 6-7 times it came out common!!! howwwwwww

Bad luck is what you probably have. Happens to everyone in something

I crafted 17 boots before getting my legendary.

5% legendary
15% epic
30% rare
50% common

It happens. Keep crafting. The best gear shouldn’t be easy to get. Aim for 1 per crafting event.


Mix it up… don’t craft the same thing 7x in a row. The chances of getting good are low. I’ve been keeping track… both before and after the scroll cost reduction. I know they said the odds haven’t changed, but my numbers are way lower for good pieces after the change.

Real issue is lack of shards now. Before I had several hundred thousand of each shard and no scrolls. Now I have 16k scrolls and no shards. Weird.


These are my wind crafts since after the scroll change took place. Lots of shards and scrolls went into it trust me


Wow… that’s a lot!

Getting legendary shield and weapon feels extra difficult!

As it should be.


My thought process for crafting is :
First craft one gear of each helm, plate, weapon … Blah blah in higher % to lower % boosts provided in that order and equip on dragon. Slowly work on crafting new 2 different gears in same element at a time so that there is chance of legendary and no duplication.
Long term wishes would be to upgrade legendary gear.


wow thats insane

i think so too, as others were not so tough!

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I’m gonna jinx myself (or I’m part of a secret A/B test I don’t know about) but:

Total 14 crafts (last crafting event and this one):
7 rare
4 epic
3 legendaries

Update got my first common on #15

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I crafted about 40 gears and got 3 epics.
No legendaries and just 3 epics…
Lol my luck :roll_eyes:

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I dont think rate is same for all lol look at me , got only crap

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I’m on the same boat as the OP.
Have crafted around 40 items. First Craft ever -> legendary (I know they did this on purpose, just to get me hooked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). After that, only commons, 3 rares and 2 Epics. So I’m way beyond the 50% droprate …

In the previous craft event, I got 0 legendary, 2 epics, 7 rares and 43 commons or so(in fact, I lost count). Let’s see how this goes… :crossed_fingers:

You don’t salvage all your common? Should I not be doing that?



I’m going for a bit of empirical data here to see what it takes to get a full set of legendaries :upside_down_face:

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Yep. Get one of each piece. Equip them.

Then start working on what you can afford. If you got epic on your first shot, I’d pay to remove it rather than destroying it.

The odds are rough, but eventually, you’ll get it. Waiting until you have all legendary shorts you–some boost is better than nothing.


exactly what i do :smiley: