Crafting legendary since pg fixed preview

Since pg fixed the preview of what is crafting, I do not believe I have crafted a single legendary. Did something change or get screwed up in the percentages?

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Nope. It’s an order; you’re probably in a dry stretch. Keep forging on!

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Dry spells suuuuck. And happy birthday! :gift::tada::confetti_ball::birthday::balloon:


I’ve forged several since legendary pieces since they changed it :man_shrugging:

I have finally collected enough black pearls to replace Kaiju with Mehaten, and forging fire def gear like crazy. Today, first time since the change, I got one Legendary result.

So yes, it works, just takes time.

I’ve had two legendaries since the patch. Just hang in there. :crazy_face:


Just have one (can’t get any scroll rn though)

Ive got 6 legendaries since the patch

Showoff. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve crafted all sets like mad man till the last day before the update :poop:


I did til I ran out of scrolls. :rofl:


It’s been the same for me not a one since the update, I know it should be dropping soon but its still kind of frustrating :roll_eyes:

1 so far here

Very frustrating. Still none for me…

Still crafting 24x7 and still nothing

Same, another 4 days gone by since my last comment and still NOTHING. This is one helluva dry spell…

You can go on to craft 100 gears easily before you get another legendary, that’s 300+ hours if you aren’t speeding up. Might be a lot more than 4 days, just saying :man_shrugging:


Finally got a legendary. Hopefully I do not hit a dry spell like that for another 3 or 4 years

Way more than 4 days… how long has it been since the update exactly? Because it’s been that long.

2 weeks or so