Crafting Materials Event Prizes Off

Is it just me or are the personal progression prizes way off after the 16k point tier in terms of crafting materials?
Until 16k you get a couple thousand of each and after that it suddenly drops to only a few hundred. Event the top prize for over 400k points is not even close to what the 16k tier pays out.

Nerf MareZ :tada:



Interesting to see that you get so many for first few tiers

I’m not seeing those numbers @MareZ

Send a screen shot from where his is 250k and below

Okay that‘s weird since we are on the same team :rofl:

You know what I just looked at mine and mine is scaling up correctly. There is no dip in shards. Double check and see if they fixed it instead of responding.



Okay it‘s all back to normal, seems like it was a visual glitch.

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