Crafting Rider Gear Recommendation

Riders and crafting have definitely stepped up the game and skill level flying top bases. Would like to recommend taking it to the next level…first there needs to be a fix and some kind of way to craft higher level gear which is more consistent across the board. For example when you start crafting an item you have to fully craft say four of them. Then combine the four common items to make one rare of that item. Then repeat. Once you have combined enough commons to have four rares you can combine the rares to get an epic. Make the example (4) 2 or whatever. Liked using four cause then players if they want to risk it…have any odds on combining vs having to have four of same level to go to next level. Make it possible as an example 3 epics and 1 rare is a 75% legendary or possibly 2 legendary and 2 epics is a 50% chance Elite … Just make it fair for all and keep it.

Another cool ideal would be to get special gear crafting items from chest drops from attacking players say during wars. With those special drops secret gear can be crafted by what items are used to make it. Just some thoughts.

First off, will you need four pieces of the same rarity and gear type to upgrade it or four pieces of only the same rarity and get a random upgraded piece of gear?

If it’s the first one then imo, it’s not a bad idea. It can speed up the process a little bit but I think it may need a little adjustment on the number of pieces needed for certain rarities. Not sure though

If it’s the second one however, it’ll just be way too OP. You can abuse by only forging the cheapest gear and if you’re even just somewhat active in atlas, you can get a ton of gear.

first off lets not add more gear issues

You want it to take, uh, 4^4 = 256 crafts to get elite instead of the average 20 it takes now? Even if you change it to 3 and remove the common tier as the game has already done, it’s worse.

Weird choice.

War dragons isn’t an rpg and doesn’t need to copy the crafting systems from other games.

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It was just an example using numbers

I mean if you were able to do this with spare gear to upgrade, as long as you still have a chance of elite per craft it is reasonable. Though I am not sure that I want even more elite gear flying around. I’m torn with yes go for it, the real cost is in upgrading, and nope let’s not bring more gear into the game

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