Crafting Scroll Cost Reduction to Rider Gear

On Friday, May 11th the Crafting Scroll cost of Dragon Rider Gear crafted within the Forge building will be reduced by 50% except for weapons and off-hands, which will be reduced by 40%. This will be effective in the next crafting event (the one after next)!

Item Previous Scroll Cost New Scroll Cost
Helm 50 25
Chest 100 50
Gloves 100 50
Pants 50 25
Boots 50 25
Ring 300 150
Shield 500 300
Weapon 500 300

Please note that no reimbursements will be made for any Dragon Rider Gear crafted before this change, no exceptions.


…and this is now live!


That is really nice move. But its not crafting event @PGEggToken

Following after troop trianing? :smiley:


Just in time for me to craft some dark armor

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I looked at missions , some prizes are ok …
But look at Crafting Scrolls prizes at missions… That numbers are really “poor” …
It could be 10 times higher to make a maybe more meaningful prize there…or even a bit more…

From first mission up its… : 3,6,9,12,15(Level 5) … Please judge yourself. There a change is need.


A good step in the right direction! Thanks, PG!!

Yep, you’re right, let me amend that :sweat_smile:

This may be a little off-topic, but related… (gear anyways)

Why do I have to ‘unequip’ gear to be able to salvage the gear I don’t want. Basically I’m having to spend 60 rubies to be able to salvage a piece of equipment (I haven’t as I just destroy it).

One would think I should be able to just salvage the gear straight off the rider?

Am I off-base here?

Typically you can just replace and destroy i think. I have never found the salvage function even remotely close to profitable to use it except if i strictly just wanted to clean up my inventory.

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Every little bit counts though :slight_smile:

Booyah! :metal:

@pgEcho are there any plans to reduce the shard costs for upgrading? Some levels of legendary gear cost as much as 2-3 crafting packs ($100 ea)…for one level

I think that might upset players that already paid for it.

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So is lowering the scroll costs :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Any reason why its still $100/item/level to upgrade?

Its on average a million shards primary and 20-30% less secondary shards to get 1 item to lvl 10.

With pvp atlas events gone there is almost no way to generate large shard quantities - season lines for example dont even provide enough shards for a single item


Was the rate drop for level of gear reduced? I tried a few and nothing but common now.

I know if something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Other ppl have noticed this as well…I was hoping it’s not true

Sometimes it’s $200-$300 per level :sweat_smile: