Crafting Scroll Cost Reduction to Rider Gear


I’m going to guess the lack of response means they don’t want to say the drop rates were altered.


They need to make their money back on building Atlas, to justify it to investors.


@pgEcho interested to know if there are discussions or plans to lower the shard cost for gear upgrades. That or significantly increase the shards from poachers and packs. Cause neither are in any kind of reasonable proportion to the cost of upgrading. There are many pieces of gear that need upgrading…and gear is an add on that shouldn’t only be available to the couple dozen ppl who can afford maxing legendary sets. Endless supplies of consumables should be their sole advantage.


I haven’t crafted since scroll reduction, but I hope the rates haven’t changed. If it takes twice as many tries to get legendary as it used to, you will actually be paying more… in shards… which are impossible to get many of now without kingpin.

I kept track of my % before change… I’ll post when I’ve made a few to compare…


Will be paying more in scrolls on some of the items that weren’t reduced by 50% (weapon and shield).


@PGEggToken @pgEcho
Honestly the most annoying thing about crafting is that u can’t use timers to speed it up…rubies only. This is the only thing in the game u can’t speed up with timers I believe. And it’s quite expensive considering it’s a gamble…u can run through tens of thousands of rubies and not get one legendary…that’s wrong on many levels.


Research also requires rubies to speed up.


You can speed up research with timers. Click on the button to complete it and it gives you the option to use timers.


:point_up:t3:What he said


Craft rates for gear rarities have not been changed. They have been the same since gear was first released.


Not at this time.


If you could consider it in the future it would be much appreciated.


How about allowing us to use timers to speed up crafting. As stated crafting is the only place u can’t use timers.


Also are these the correct prizes? Seems awefuly low in the shard department…combined they may not be enough to craft one weapon :sweat_smile:


Prizes skew away from materials for the crafting event because the crafting event consumes shards (so it’s a bit weird to get them back in prizes … like tokens during a breeding event). But we’re looking into prizes for future events.


Thx for the reply on this! Also, any plans to put more crafting shards in Atlas event prizes now that kingpin is gone? Gonna be a long wait to craft if we can’t get higher shard drops!


The percentage of rarities is very low, i have spent a lot of money crafting for legendarys packs for scrolls and rubies to speed them up and so far this event i have 186k points but i got Zero legendary gears. Its very disappointing as this would be very beneficial to my dragons. I am not one to normally be upset or complain but this issue really needs to be looked into and improved. I also sent in a ticket about it and was offered 3 gold chest as the person that read my tickets response had nothing to do with my issue. I love this game but this was frustrating. Fly strong always Tala :revolving_hearts::kiss::tongue:


Yea but u gave a good amount of scrolls…that’s consumed in the event. I can even say a high amount of scrolls :joy: why not shards?


The scrolls in the reward tiers, combined with the lowered crafting cost enabled me to keep crafting till my shards ran out.

I didn’t get a single piece of legendary gear, yet I am quite content. A welcoming change, well done


Something must had happened lately. Cause at the beginning it was kinda sure that which gear we get from the amount to scroll cost.But now it’s like luck or something…