Crafting shards for non atlas players

There is a serious imbalance in the crafting system. Without Atlas, I have no place other than my wallet to obtain some shards. To obtain the one type of shard I might need, I have to purchase a pack with shards I don’t need. The drop rate in chests is low, so I can’t rely on that. I am on a plat team, and we are competing (trying) with Atlas teams. This imbalance needs to be fixed.

Ideas: invader bases for non atlas players that provide shards. And/or
Crafting chests that have crafting materials. And/or At least have an option in the store where I can buy the one type of crafting material I need.

Thanks for listening. (Wishful thinking)



I’m gonna assume you’re looking for Dark shards?

I’ll just link instead of typing again.

Actually, It isn’t dark so much as it is wind. And wind seems to be needed to craft other elements, so the demand is higher, yet there are no drops, and you can only buy a combo pack.

The moment that it became very clear that there was a huge advantage for teams with Atlas vs teams without and PG decided that they were going to “severely” restrict teams access to Atlas and bring the content of Atlas into the main game, a change to how teams access xp runs and shards needed to be addressed.

At this point I’d say add an invader tab to the main attack menu: matchmaking, bookmarks, invader. Beasts no longer serve a function in Atlas and could be removed, its not like they are the premier source of shards in Atlas anyway. It would clean up the “look” of Atlas, assist with map rendering and primarch movement lag since movement would be limited to glory and castle attacks. No more single troop primarchs running around cluttering up things and no more beast clutter. And may improve server lag with less people loading into Atlas :woman_shrugging:

Invader attack options would have 5 bases listed, one for each element. The value of the shards associate with each base would be assigned by the infrastructure bonuses (non Atlas teams would have zero infrastructure and would have the same value as a team in Atlas that didn’t own a castle, no more running around the map looking for the best beast/shard option to attack. Yes teams without castles would now have gold in their inventory… who cares. They get to start Atlas with a leg up and a storage full of gold and non-elite will be able to farm more gold… big whoop it’s the hat regeneration which is the limiter and timers for speeding up primarchs as things stand now anyway. PG could always build in a gold limiter for players without access to Atlas if this was an issue.

Taking the farming out of Atlas and bringing Invader to the main game seems like a reasonable move to me, although it certainly doesn’t address the Atlas event awards that are really skewing things so much.

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That is an excellent idea!

Wind is one the shards I use the least of Honestly.
Dark is a top choice of shards and it’s not even close imo.
Was lots of great dark hunters before but even now 2 of the strongest in the game Ronin/Lusian both dark.

Also dark is the secondary on some different sets.
And this season you can’t even get dark in seasonal lines only Wind/Ice/fire.

Attacking invaders provides very little materials for crafting. It is practically nothing compared to the Atlas season lines and Atlas events. I do not even think about it.

My point is your suggestion does not truly address what the OP has stated. You really would not notice the difference. Heck, even a regular season rider line provides more matts.\

Just FYI, I have gained millions of materials so far this season and your idea is about hundreds a day. Not knocking you, just putting things into perspective.

It says right in her posts about beasts/invaders it’s NOT the premier way of gaining the materials anyway. Lol

I think that post was more just about helping players gain materials that do not have atlas access

It is not clear who you are replying to but the focus of the OP is not being able to attack beasts for an extremely small amount of crafting materials but a desire to rectify the imbalance between their team and the Atlas teams they are trying to compete with.

Being they are not in Atlas they may not be aware that what beats provide is insignificant to what we gain elsewhere. I wonder how many months it would take to farm matts from beasts to upgrade one piece of elite gear one time.

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That’s a bit of an exaggeration leveling one piece of elite gear one time? At low levels it takes like 30k shards each which you can get off beasts in a couple days.

Your hung up on the fact that beast give such a small amount of shards compared to atlas lines but really if I didn’t have access I would want anything lol.
I don’t think giving them invader bases that give bonus Xp and drop shards is a bad idea. At least then claiming on seasonal lines wouldn’t be the only way other then a few hundred in bronze chests

I have made no exaggeration. I know full well that it takes 89k materials to level one elite helm from lvl 1 to lvl 2. I now full well that I have gamed somewhere around 2 million materials in Atlas and am sitting on enough tokens to get another couple million materials.

So to think that offering non Atlas teams invaders will bring about the balance OP is asking for is nothing more than a fantasy. So accuse me all you want that I am hung up on facts and correctly state the idea will do next to nothing to solve OP’s issue they raise and you have said nothing to that states otherwise.

Edit Solutions should offer meaningful results. OP does not want virtually empty promises. I do support a meaningful solution.

umm what? I want to know how you’re getting 30k shards off beasts in a couple of days without castles and atlas elite other than by doing around 1200 attacks and that’s for only 1 element.