Crafting shards in atlas season lines

Why am I forced to collect the ascending shards in atlas offensive and defensive lines which I don’t want! I would rather collect traditional crafting shards. I feel we should have the option of either shard type to collect not be forced to collect one specific type this should be our choice not forced on us as to what we get our atlas badges for!


There’s A LOT of prizes in these lines that should be choices. The problem is that the people designing them dont play this game.

Personally Im tired of having to claim mythic gear that I dont need or want. Why has that not been made an optional pick for gear or shards/gems like with elite gear?

Why are we still being forced to claim red rider shards, scrolls, and mission stars? All dead drops for anyone even the slightest bit active in atlas. They did a poor job updating these lines


It’s always been about money guys


Like I keep joke about it, PG needs a new contract form that forces everyone to play what they are developing/maintaining. :see_no_evil:

I have never had 4M of any type of shard, I believe my storage caps out around 3.4M shards. I have so much mythic and exotic gear, I will now, never be able to level it. To take 5 boxes per line and have new shards only is very debilitating. I have zero interest in yet another piece of gear I can’t level.

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I don’t think there’s a cap on how many shards you can store. Before these trading posts I had well over 20m of each, and I still just have a lvl 100 storage like most people have now.


So that’s where you kept mine.


I’ve been playing since 2016 and I finish Atlas every season, I’ve never seen 4M shards in my account, ever. :pensive:

Ive been playing since 2017, usually only get around 5m glory a season. On average I have 7-9m shards at a time (down to 1m now of each) though Ive also wasted several million pointlessly leveling additional sets of mythic gear because we’re forced to claim it and it’s there… wish we could get a portion back when we salvage it…

Time playing doesnt necessarily equal how active you are in atlas. I do just enough to max the season but I really dislike atlas. Unfortunately it is a required evil

3 sets of each element!!! :grin:

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Then something you’re doing with them might be wrong. I’m playing a couple of years with completing every season and had over 20m shards of all elements, though its around 17m now due to the trading posts.

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Agree and then we have more of these new shards shoved down our throats in trading post where’s the reverse in trading post as long as it equates to correct ratio of being able to hand back this ridiculous new currency to get the currency I require!!

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I’d say that this is a fair trade off. As of yet Gemstones are not in Atlas Chests. I’d much rather have a few nodes of Gemstones than have Atlas Chests further diluted.


That’s fair, however it should be a choice between gemstones and crafting shards.


I think it depends on what that choice is. For example, if all Gemstones and Shards were a choice and occupy the same slots and people wish to pause their upgrades on Mythic sets and work on Ascendant Gear, where will they find enough places to get Shards other than buying Atlas Chests?

Or lets say someone is hopeful in managing to get both Gemstones and Shards and alternates between getting both. I’d think those people would find themselves lacking in both in the end.

I’d honestly love it if they had a branch dedicated to Gemstones and Ascendant Gear, keeping the two RSS separate and keeping that choice factor for those who wish to go down it if they so choose.


Nah, it shouldn’t be a choice.

The node should give us BOTH!


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Maybe next season?

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