Crafting Wind set shows another weapon ‼️

Strange but When I look at wind set , I see a sword , when I go to craft it I see something archers use . Is this just fake advertisement ?? I means jusy look at that bow thing I can barely look it . Other sets are fine btw . I would like to have the wind sword as shown in set


Think they changed it. It looked like a bow to me too.

Same here

I want the sword not the bow , the bow is so thin too bad for my eyes

Bow is perfect for Wind Element

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Why you want sword? What you mind is “sword” can have high presentage atk or combat lvl? Lol :sweat_smile: :rofl:

You don’t actually need to…swing the weapon around as you pilot your dragon for the atk boost to take effect?

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You are really concerned about aesthetics?

Btw wind defense and offense weapons are swapped. And this is nothing new, @MareZ pointed it out months and months ago

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And because someone posted it months and months ago someone new like the OP should find it buried in the sands?

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Actually I posted about this just 19 days ago so I guess you could expect that people use the search function, my thread is still open :sweat_smile:

(Also it’s not just the bow & sword being wrong, it’s also the scroll that doesn’t belong on the offense set.)

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You are hundred percent mate! Haha. No sarcasm. I did not notice that :rofl:. :+1:t4:

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Just the visual effect , I am a guy with sight problems I can barely see that bow . Is that too much to ask

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