Crash crash and crash some more

@PGJared, I’ve been working with support to fix my game, and I’m beginning to get a little frustrated. I’ve ignored the fact I haven’t been able to see my replays since forever. I’ve ignored the florescent screen that makes reading things in game impossible at times till I restart. I’ve even ignored the occasional force close of my game. But now my game closes on its own 5 times an hour. Going into beta or after an attack. Even mid attack. Its becoming very inconvenient to play this game. I’ve sent in the ticket for all 3. It was deleted with the update I guess. I resent the ticket. They told me the replays is a long standing problem, no fix offered… ok I can live with that. They ask about the florescent coloring which is annoying but I can play thru. The thing I’m concerned about is the force closing. The only answer they have for me is to turn my quality to poor and take off all graphic effects. With the amount of money I have spent on this game you would think I could get an actual fix not a bandaid placed on my account making me feel like I’m playing the original Nintendo, and not being able to hunt chests because they won’t take the time to look into my account and fix the problem. Not sure where to go from here, so I am looking for you to maybe help me out…

Update: I have a Samsung galaxy s8+ running on either Verizon network or Wi-Fi. It crashes on both. And I’ve gone as far as to factory data reset my phone and reinstall game and it still crashes…

Which device and phone service provider do you have?

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I use a Samsung galaxy s8+ on Verizon network. But it happens even on Wi-Fi. Its not like my device or network can’t handle the game

I had to ask because I had a similar issue with a stupid number of force closes seemingly caused by the T-Mobile app, even on wifi, until I disabled pretty much all permissions and force stop it every time I hard restart the phone. I don’t know if Verizon has its own set of apps or not, though. I also don’t run wifi and data at the same time - only one or the other.

People on the old forums who had problems with their Galaxy phones started wondering if it was tied to a screen resolution issue, so you can try messing with those. Techradar has an article with steps. Not sure if you’ve tried that before?

Do you have a ticket in the new ticket system? If so, can you let me know what your ticket number is? I want to take a look so I don’t ask you a bunch of stuff you’ve already been asked.

The ticket number is #439434 @PGJared

I had a ticket in before the new support but dont know the number for that one.

The old ticket system didn’t make ticket numbers easy to find for players. It’s part of the reason we upgraded. I’ll grab this one and check it out right now.

Thank you sir

This is an example of the screen issues that was about 2 mins ago

And again lol it doesn’t always force close like this, sometimes it just closes with no message or anything. It freezes for a moment then I get taken back to my home screen on my phone this was about a min ago

It’s amazing how problems never get fixed and we just end up with even more. Every other attk I do in event the game crash I have to reload and by the time I get back to the battle screen it says you lost 0 points. So good by enegery and time on siege weapons

Same issues with my screen. Different device trough. But very annoying indeed. Mine is usually all rainbow like even in attacks. I have become used to flying blind sometimes.

I got that as well collecting rewards close my game. Have to do it like 2 or 3 times before I really collect it. :slight_smile:
I have few more glitchs. Where is the new ticket system?

This is an outstanding issue for Android in General. I’ve reported this before and PG didn’t give a response.
Link here

And the crash thing is very frequent this update. I crash even when I try to open team gift packs., :expressionless:

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Same problem for me! (Samsung S8+). Also Atlas has become VERY slow! It’s never been fast, but now it takes a lot to open Event window, claim prize (if you can! game crash most of the time), eaven Bazar opening it’s ridiculusly slow.
Thinking that we have the most recent device and we should turn down graphic makes me laugh.

My last phone the Samsung Note 5 had this issue. I just upgraded to the Samsung Note 8 and it’s even worse on both Wifi and Cell like you. I even get rainbow artifacts and flashes of screen glitches. I don’t have BETA though.I was told that it would be fixed with this latest update…LOL
And yes all I keep getting back from PG is to turn down the graphics or try different wifis…smh

Im having the same problems sometimes if collecting beta rewards ( galaxy s8 here)
Last time i had this weird screen at attacking was during a War run. Suddenly the whole screen was full of Chinese Letters and the rainbow color through the whole screen. I dont see a point to turn graphics to low with the S8 or in your case the S8+. The recommended settings from WD to our device are very high