Crash crash and crash some more

S7 here and same problems. They need to do something to android users as well.

Having same problems, S8+, my wife has a Moto phone and has virtually no problems. Aggravating to say the least.

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So it’s clear that every Samsung device from S7 to S8 have troubles with latest update, crashing a lot, Atlas slow and so on! Can we PLEASE have some answer? Are you working to fix it?

@PGJared @pgEcho

For @PGDave i’ve sent you a PM with some details if you can look at it.

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S8 here as well, I have a thread on these and many other issues, I can’t count how many bugs, glitches, and crashes I’ve suffered, or the amount of time I’ve spent in support trying to find a solution.

Even with the graphics set to “garbage looks better” still crashes all the time, so I set them back to high because it might as well be pretty when it dies

it’s not just on Samsung. Xperia XZ Premium and still crashes a lot after update here

I wasn’t saying that this is only a Samsung problem, but that all Samsung devices is involved! :wink:
What i know is that not every Android device have this kind of bug, lag and stuff like that so i can’t talk for other manufacturer!
Maybe what we should do is make a list of involved devices to find what Android version is causing troubles.

We already did that in the old forum. We can always make a new thread in here with the tag for Android
The one I started earlier showed some of the Android devices and their specs too

I’ve waited for some answer but nothing… any news for you? @Dakhunter @xJJSK2018x

I spoke with @PGJared, he was very prompt and he moved my case to the development team. Since then ive gotten no response and I ask for an update yesterday and today with no response yet. I’ll update when I hear something.

Still no response from the team. Will bring this up again in the 3.90 update

I’m also having the same issue, but is anyone else having issues with the keyboard lagging? Making it really really hard to chat? But only on home screen, battle chat is fine. And home screen lagging in general, like scrolling across the screen or trying to collect rss. Support wants me to do a factory reset because they think it’s something local or data on my phone. So I guess that “something local” or “data on the device” is all of our problems. Sarcasm

From what I’ve seen, it’ll start lagging if the phone is overheating or if there are too many other things running. War Dragons doesn’t play nice when it has to compete for RAM (or the phone can’t adjust quickly enough :woman_shrugging:). Or if it always is, old/low spec phone?

In game chat has always been laggy and difficult to type on (even more difficult to delete) for me, and a lot of the time it will just sit there and not refresh for a few minutes. Then suddenly I have all these messages I missed lol.

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Remember a few months ago when that update made every Android unplayable? It’s getting like that. I mean I’m on a Galaxy S6, not new but not super old. And yes, chat has always been super inefficient!!! But support actually had me download the Google keyboard and that is amazing in comparison, but still wants to lag and open and close like it and the chat screen are trying to get on the same page. They seriously need to work with Android better.

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I’d have to suspect that it’s something with Samsung’s TouchWiz/Samsung Experience or hardware (ARM CPU & GPU), because I’m not getting the issue on LG (doesn’t modify Android as much and Qualcomm CPU & GPU) and strong/consistent wifi - didn’t have issues with the update from a few months ago either. Samsung is one of the most popular Android manufacturers, though, so it’s not a good sign.

Interesting coincidence is that there’s something with 6… on iOS, there’ve been issues with the iPhone 6/6 Plus. :see_no_evil:

Not just on Samsung like @Dakhunter said but for sure with all Samsung from S6 to S8 and also Note8, so i don’t think that it’s Samsung stuff the problem.
As an Android user i’m pretty pissed off by all of this problems and the “poor” answer we have… ofcourse i understand that it’s not easy to make a game run perfectly on Android thinking about all the different version of it for all the manufacturer’s that have Android as operating system, but this isn’t an excuse to ignore or to have a lot of differences between our game and iOS game!
Like the graphic on Atlas, primarch route not showed for Android but for iOS yes and stuff like that (it’s the most frustrating thing on all the differences because Atlas is a strategic game and see clearly where or when your enemies comes it’s VERY IMPORTANT)
And i have also an Ipad… so i see all of them everyday! If i could swap my Android account to iOS i will do it immediately.

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Dropping this in here as well from sovereignty, along with a comment from J8682 above it. Androids seem to have different issues as well - too many different factors (user issue, OS, hardware, manufacturer customization, signal strength/latency, etc.).

Yeah, definitely not saying that the game on Android OS-wide doesn’t have issues, but some of these other ones are more minute and less obvious to resolve. For pathing, at least, there’s something coming in December, so we’ll have to see, though it seemed only Atlas-related to me :cry: -

Yeah my alt is on iPad and it isn’t having any of these issues. So I know it’s not connection issue. And a member on my alts team is having the keyboard/chat problems too. It’s really frustrating and even more so that it doesn’t cross platforms :weary: Not that I would prefer iOS, but to play on, maybe given all the Android issues.

Not that I expect anyone to do this but I dumped my Galaxy and got a pixel and it works great. Few random crashes but no more keyboard issues and such that plagued my Galaxy. If you’re going to upgrade just something to keep in mind.

My game crashes often after i kill a base but before I get xp/resources, I have a Samsung galaxy 7