Crashing and Not Responding

:neutral_face:Okay I need to know am I the only one who’s game just keep crashing.

Like does it just lag out after destroying a few towers and then decide to state War Dragon is not responding?


@PGCrisis @Arelyna ?

Either way loving the streams and hope to see more :heart:

Well mine just keep shutting down whenever. May be in chat, may be in runs or even when backing someone up. Very annoying

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Mine can’t run the app… Uninstall it and re run it and now it seems to run well. Not going to put so much hope tho because it did fail before :frowning:

Mine started doing it during the last 4 hours of the training event and hasn’t recovered, runs dead slow then cuts out

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Same it started when feeding end. I hope the community see this so at least when it happens they wont panic during the event and have time for back up during the upcoming breeding event. At the same time I hope PG get back to us those affected about this.

Closed the app down and powered off my iPad, restarted it and it’s running ok again.

We’ll see if it stays working :blush:

I tried but it happen again…

If you have not already, please send a ticket to support in game or via It allows us to better track issues and send them to engineers.

Thank you for the reminder, the support team have already helped me to deal with the issues. Thank you for your hard work and the support team too

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what was the fix? It’s how we all learn and take some pressure off of support.

Clear cache, uninstall the game restart your phone and reinstall (create an ID first to prevent the lost of data)

:blush: the support team is so prompt helpful

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