Crashing Problems

Hey Everyone,

Since this event started, my game sometimes crashes when I do anything in it. I could be opening chests, selecting an opponent to attack, or just tap a tile. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would crash. This was rather frustrating. There was one moment that my game always crashed, no matter what, and this was after a battle. This is no problem of course, because the battle was already done. But I recently discovered my game always always crashes if I want to use an energy pack. This is very frustrating, because this causes me to not achieve the next level of rewards, which includes spring veil tokens. Could you please help me?

What device, is your memory near full and do you have a lot of other apps running?

I only have a few other apps running. The device is an ipad with ios 10.3.3.

Try updating? The app is geared towers the 11+ iOS

My ipad is no ipad air, so it can’t update to ios 11…

That probably why then sadly.

It’s not the event, it’s the piece of prehistoric fossil that you’re playing with right now. sToP BLaMiNG pG

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