Crashing since newest update

My iPhone X is crashing out after the last update and I cannot file a ticket as well as the targeting while using any tap spells or dragon is a full 1/4 inch off to the right of where I’m tapping. The game is currently unplayable. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game to open atlas back up. But with the crashing and targeting being off the game is nearly unplayable. Every time I try to file a ticket it locks up and will not let me open a new ticket or the game auto closes!

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Make a ticket here. You need your support id (which is in the in game settings about tab.).


Support ID: 7QS2AUQ2GF

It won’t let me make a ticket it crashes the game or can’t you read???

Use the link I provided to avoid making an in game ticket. I can read just fine.

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Attacks in core and Atlas working for me; haven’t followed or defended yet.

iPhone 6s.

I am having same problem

I was a to send a ticket in thru the website. They said they are aware of issue and working on it

I have had many freeze ups today which isn’t typical at all. Kinda a bummer for sure

This is a constant occurance. I can’t even log out of account because game freezes at email and password screen

I sent a ticket once it let me log in. But the targeting is what bothers me the most

As far as gameplay yes. But trying to chat is a pain. Try moving stuff on your base…i gave up trying

Hi all,

Thanks for sending these reports to us. As always, a report would be best to go through our Support Team as new tickets so we can understand the impact of the issue and track a pattern in actions taken that led to the issue in-game.

When submitting a report, please include the following information (our support team may ask you for additional info to clarify, as well):

  • IGN
  • Device
  • Region
  • What the last few actions taken were that led up to the issue occurring

For Atlas players, please also include answers to the following:

  • Have you completed all of the available quests?
  • If no, then what quest are you currently up to? You can find this out by going to the quests page and seeing what quest the “Go To” button is currently displayed for.
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I have sent in a ticket. #1238344.

It maybe related. A team member crashes when attempting to initiate an attack. She reported it to CS and they replied it is a known issue and they are still investigating the cause. No solutions at this time.

Hopefully this is fixed fast since it would mean more day we cannot war properly, not to mention it is the preferable way to get XP on fresh hatches during breeding which starts tomorrow.

Ticket #1240954 and #1241767 can’t attack, join,defend in Atlas or normal, after reinstalling new update 4x I have reset both devices etc, but nothing has helped… I have two accounts on diff devices alt oOSalOo and Sal my main, iPhone 8 and iPad Pro, I’m in Australia . Hope u can help quickly with this one Crisis, cant do egg token runs, or gold runs… very frustrating
Regards Sal

I put in ticket 1241146. The only response from PG was to ask whether this happened after the update. :roll_eyes:. See explanation at Can’t attack or join any games

The only info missing from my inquiry is the Region. Eastern US. No one has asked me for that info. Also quests were long since done…and problems are not solely with atlas!!! Things have actually gotten worse this afternoon. The game now freezes when I try to go to help.

1890 tokens mininum have been missed by now. Yet silence on my ticket.


@PGJared - I just performed the update through the play store and now am having issues with sound not working, swap button not working, and I cannot read any emails since update. I also was in the middle of an egg token run and my game froze. The egg token rum was not much of a big deal, but the freezing and email problems are. I also have received the elite account gift, but no chest. No notification about any gift either. The sound issue is kind of weird when you are used to something making a sound and it does not make that sound anymore. I have tried clearing the cache, restarting and nothing seems to help. I know it is frustrating for both the player and PG to have such issues. Thanks for taking the time to read this new issue.

Tbh every update seems to make this game worse and i seriously am thinking about having a longer break because i’m getting more and more frustrated due to all the bugs and lags and so forth… i’m playing on Android which is even more vulnerable to game crashes and lags. Now i hear that even iOS players are suffering from game issues ever since the last update and i wonder why PG isn’t able to release an update that makes the game better. Instead every single update is screwing more and more things up… it’s hard to enjoy a game that isn’t working properly… especially if ur playing on Android…