Crashing since newest update


@PGCrisis @PGMichael
The topic got derailed a bit - any update on the crashes? Any details that can be offered from the exceptions I posted? Do you require any further details from the thread stacks?


Here is what I was told today…”version mismatch”.

Yep, that totally:roll_eyes: justifies a three day shutdown, no communication, closing tickets with no response, and no compensation.

I had hoped, based on @PGMichael ‘s posts in late June that PG was trying to improve their customer service, but it takes more than one person to turn that around.


That’s crap.


After trying to get into the breeding event over 15 times and failing in Atlas too. the game is performing worse than ever! after getting in, first 2 attacks closed before I finished.
This is following an eternity (really since I started in Atlas) where I cannot attack in Atlas; generally need to try 7 or so times before an attack will not close the game. very, very frustrating.
I have sent numerous notes to PG.
What I have observed…is that all of “my” issues are at their worst when the game is busy, that is at start of events, etc. Sounds to me like PG issues.


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