Crashing the whole day

Have anyone got this

After this, the game would close. This only occur after the update which had prevent me from playing the game the whole day.

And this keep occurring even after restarting, shutting down, wifi router setting changes and even clearing all browser data.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna

Have you tried clearing your data and cache and reinstalling?

Assuming you have a Pocket ID so you don’t lose your game progress

Yes I have every step of it including the clearing of data.

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Since you can’t get in the game to do a ticket from within, you should probably put in a ticket here if you haven’t already

Not “browser” data like you said, the app data and app cache from withing you application manager (depending on your OS)

yep i send a ticket and followed the steps instructed from the support team but it still failed. :frowning:

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