Craving for a Mini Event ..... is that a thing lol


Who wants dungeons back ?

Makes me wonder if we ever gonna have a regularity between mini events . Mini events are good fit to fill the boredom in breeding event . Maybe is time for a new mini event and make all 3 together more regular :yawning_face::yawning_face:

I mean forti isnt that boring , u build and farm wood and go in atlas test your base , maybe make mini events regular in breeding only . With Instant Breed , this event is Kiss and Go , in this case “ breed and go “ lol .


Im not that big of a fan of Dungeons, it causes too many glitches and gets super repetitive after a few bases. The key costs is way too high for how slow the regeneration is so unless you’re going to burn rubies you’re still just sitting around not doing anything. Dungeons should be making a return though since one of the past updates was supposed to include a reskin of the dungeons base

I’d much rather see Assault run more regularly. It’s actually fun and gives you more to do


I am ok with anything extra tbh :joy:


I loved dungeons


Amen. Not gonna complain for anything freebies. Lol


They gave you the free keys. It’s your fault if you tempted to use rubies for extra. Next time control your buying behavior, and you’ll be fine.

They gave some free keys, it wasnt enough to do all bases and you had to wait like 6-8 hours to earn enough refill keys to actually participate in it. My comment stands, if you didnt pay rubies or $$$ to refill then you were waiting for hours

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Considering this is freebies and mini event, I didn’t see the reason to not waiting.

Because if it’s supposed to exist to fill time and give us something to do then Id like to actually be able to do it. Otherwise it’s forgettable.

If you were guaranteed to get something good from clearing the bases then I could see that but most times you just got a couple of crafting shards

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Last time I remember, they reduce the likelihood of getting shards. I don’t know what you got, I got quite a sizable ember drops.

Dungeons gives Embers , everywhere where u can get embers is a “thank u pg for this event”

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Hmm, might be worth looking into! I’ll see if there’s a mini on the horizon.


Dont you remember what happend last time Dungeon went live? It broke the entire game for weeks with Tower/Dragon range and SS!
Im all in to bring it back, if it dont break the game again! :exploding_head:


If we fear everything goes wrong we shouldn’t be playing this game at all . It is a war game , war with every tool u have left :joy: even if it is ember

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I couldnt fly them because they were making me sick

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Sickness motion was first run of dungeons

Dungeon was interesting and I liked that it offered portraits and rider shards. I was not a fan of the longer load times in game, however.

I want Assault back but I guess I have to wait until next season since PG seems to only release it once a season.

New mini-events could be good too - as long as they 1) don’t break the game and 2) offer substantial prizes. Events that can even the ground between atlas and non-atlas teams are also welcome - so putting rider shards are always welcome. Not sure how they could pull it off, but a defense-based mini event may be something PG could try too? (e.g. your own dragons are auto-pilot flown on your own base and you have to shoot them down - maybe just lineage ones) or maybe not, since this is War Dragons and not War Bases :sweat_smile:

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How about a mini event where we all earn nothing but a super large amount of Tokens instead and nothing but Tokens prizes and even a key Or two on the Side.