Create a button to salvage multiple pieces of armor at the same time


we should be able to salvage multiple pieces of armor at the same time to make it more efficient, especially for players that have hundreds if not thousands pieces of armor accumulated.


I really don’t see the interest of this feature as you only get a little shards back for salvaging.

But I am a hoarder… I always keep everything if there isn’t any limit of inventory, because we never know when it can come in handy… Like another Dragon of the same element who needs any gear, or something else… :thinking:


Maybe don’t salvage them right now. You get a terrible return on them, and you never know if they may come in handy for something


I too would use a salvage multiple button. Y’all hoard all you want, but life is too short for me to hold onto junk for something that might someday happen, and bunches of gear seems to affect the performance and definitely the annoyance of the gear screen. I’ll start waiting for better junk gear options right after they offer to convert my fire turret shards to black pearls.*

*(It’s perfect! Not a massive giveaway to the old timers who have too many shards and too many pearls, but relieves the newbs of the burden of so many building currencies with several gone scarce and some of those less useful.)


doesnt your screen freeze when the device tries to load lots of junk gear?


I don’t have that many gear. Honestly if you don’t count event screens, the worst loading screen I have is the research screen, that thing takes so much time to load and especially close:expressionless:

Anyway, I don’t have this issue for rune vault nor gear window… So I keep hoarding :grin:


well i’d love this.

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